This book is about how true love at first sight can really impact
On life especially with Harry Styles.....Follow me on Instagram
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5. Going to the Studio

Taylors P.O.V
We Headed off to bed. I got some of Harry's sweat pants and took off my bra so i had my singlet on. I layed on my side and Harry came up behind me close and hugged me tight. He dug his head into my neck and kissed my neck and collarbone. I moaned a little and bit my lip. "You wanna come to the studio and watch us record our songs?" "Yeah" "Ok Babe Night" "Night my cat Prince" "Night my Cat princess" we giggled and driffted off.

Harrys P.O.V
I woke her up and we went into the shower, she would go first while i made breakfast then while i went in she'd do her make-up and then we would both get changed and sit and eat our breakfast at the table. We had baccon and eggs then she said "So whats the name of your song?" "Live While were young" "Thats cool, is there any way i can listen to you?" "Yeah, in the studio theres another room where you can sit down and put head phones on and listen to who's in the room singing" "ok i'll do that" We smiled. "I wonder if you could be in the music video?" "That would be awesome!" "I'll ask Paul" "Ok". We finished up and drove down to the studio, all the boys were already there. It was Liams turn, "Be very quiet!" "Ok Mum" she joked.
Taylors P.O.V
Liam came out and did a handshake with Harry, i laughed a little. "Come on babe". We walked into the studio i sat next to Simon "Do you want to listen" "Yes please". He handed me head phones and i put them on. "Lets go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun, i know we only met but lets pretend its love, we'll never never never stop for anyone Tonight lets get some and Live While Were Young" I couldn't stop smiling, neither could he.
He came out and sat on the couch i thanked simon for letting me listen. He told me anytime.
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