Live While We're Young!

this is about a 19 year old girl,leigh, who gets into alot of trouble. her brother, josh, is in a band and has done everything he can to stop leigh from making trouble.
her brother josh invites 5 boys over, the band, and she takes a liking to one of them with darker hair than the others. she cant make a move though since she has a 25 year old boyfriend.
will she give up going out with that group of people and getting drunk and high each night? and will she get to go out with that dashing darkhaired bad boi?


2. Zayn to the rescue

Leigh's p.o.v

When we get to the station I see most of my mates there. Branna and Kelsey aren't here. I hope they got away. If tey didn't then tey for sure would be in jail. They have done this multiple times. I have to but not as many as them and Kelsey was given a warning. 

All my mates were allowed a call. I was the last. I was still pretty smashed. 'Leigh. Why did you do this again?' ugh. My ex step mum. She works here. 'life. Comes and goes. My life. Is shit! Since you came along! And then you left and it was worse!' I point at her. 'here I'll let you have your call. I'm sure josh is worried sick about you' she says. She takes me to the phone and I dial the home number.

Zayn's p.o.v

It was now about 7:30 and it was dark. The phone rang. Josh was sleeping and so was the others. I couldn't sleep I was thinking about Leigh. I got up and answered it. 'hello?' I ask. 'josh.' a slurred voice says. It sounded like Leigh. 'no this is Zayn Josh's friend' I say.

'oh hi there! Well I'm at the police station' what the hell! ' and well can you pick me up?' she pleads. 'yeah I'll be there' I hang up. 

I just talked to her!! I got in the car and drove to the police station. I walked in and there sat Leigh. I told the officer at the desk an they let me take her. 'hi Leigh.' I say. 'who the hell are you!' she says. 'I'm Zayn' I explain. 'oh right that dude from the phone!' 

'come on I'll take you back to josh.' I help her up on her feet. 'I can do it myself! I'm not a baby!' she snatches her arm from my grasp and almost falls over. I pick her up in my arms and carry her to the car. 

Leigh's p.o.v

Zayn carries me inside and I see josh and the other boys laying around asleep. Wait that curly haired boy! Zayn sets me down. 'hey your that curly haired boy! Haha! I saw you this morning!' I said. 'you little bastard!' I mutter and stumble to my room. I hear Zayn laugh to himself. 

I sit on my bed and take off my shoes. 'haha this was fun!' I laugh. 'hey Leigh!' Zayn says he was worried. 'you can't do this type of stuff. You hear me. It's dangerous! I've been through it all!' I shrug. 

Zayn's p.o.v

'so what did you do to get arrested?' i ask. She smiles. 'well we got smashed right and then we went to our old school and tagged it.' i remember when i did that. I just nod. I liked this girl. But when she was like this i didn't. I felt i had to be her dad when she was like this. She laid back. 

When she fell asleep I walk out and close the door. She's pretty badass. I could smell drugs, cigarettes and alcohol on her. She smelt sweet before she left. I fall asleep soon after with my head on Liam's shoulder.
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