Live While We're Young!

this is about a 19 year old girl,leigh, who gets into alot of trouble. her brother, josh, is in a band and has done everything he can to stop leigh from making trouble.
her brother josh invites 5 boys over, the band, and she takes a liking to one of them with darker hair than the others. she cant make a move though since she has a 25 year old boyfriend.
will she give up going out with that group of people and getting drunk and high each night? and will she get to go out with that dashing darkhaired bad boi?


1. i dont care who you are

leighs pov

i just got up and woke up. its 6:30. i normally get up and go for a run but i dont feel like it today.i walk downstairs and see josh on the couch. "morning leigh" he says. "what ever"

"are you going for a run?" he asks. "no" i walk to get some cereal. "why not?" ugh. fuck off.

"fuck it" after i eat i do feel like going for a run. i put on my 3/4 length tights and a blue tanktop with a purple jacket. i tie my shoes and go downstairs and out the door. i run to the nearest park and turn a corner. i bump into someone. "what the hell! watch where your going!" i say.

"oh uh sorry. i wasnt watching" he says. i dont even look at him. i start running again. i turn back and see a curly haired boy walking away.

i run a few more blocks and then head home.when i get through the door there are five boys on the couch talkingwith josh. "hello leigh!" josh says. i completely ignore him and start walking to my room. "hi leigh" the five boys call. i ignore them too.

i take a shower and get dressed into a pair of high waisted dark denim shorts with black stockings on underneath anda red strappy top. i put on my favourite shoes which are black nike shoes. they are from the boys section but i likie them so i wear them.i put on my beanie. i brush my blonde hair and leave it down. i split the back and pull it forward over my shoulders. i touch up my make up. its like 11:30 when im finished.

i walk out of my room with my bag crossed over my body. i have to walk past the boys to get out the house. "leigh where are you going?" josh asks. i roll my eyes. "out" i start walking again. "can you sit with us for a while and talk?" i groan and walk back over to the couch. "hi im leigh! and im late to meet up with my mates so see ya loosers!" i say and stand back up doing a soldier signal.

"you going to be with dylan?" josh asks. "why does it matter?" dylans my boyfriend. i love him. hes the best thing thats ever happened to me. i walk out the door before he could say anything else.


harrys pov

i ran into a girl while i was walking to josh's place. josh is the drummer in our band. she was quite pretty but wasnt really my type.i wouldnt mind snogging her though. the boys and i arrived at josh's at about the same time. we were talking about new songs for our album take me homewhen someone walked in. it was that girl. wait she knew josh? she walked straight into a room.

"josh you know her?" i ask. "yeah shes my sister, why?" he laughs. "i ran into her this morning. she was running" i say."so she decided to go hey?" he laughs.

an hour later she walks out. wow! she is really hot here. she doesnt say a word to us. just starts walking out. she probably doesnt even know we are here. she sits next to zayn and he blushes. he probably thinks she is hot too. he looks at his hands that are set on his knees."hi im leigh! and im late to go meet up with my mates so see ya loosers!"she says and does asoldier signal before walking out. i laugh to myself.

when she leaves i turn to josh., "shes... origional" i say. "shes not normally like that. its who she hangs out with. she used to be into like singing, she used to do ballet, and she was the nicest sweetest girl anyone would ever meet."josh explains.


zayns pov

i think i have a crush on her. shes cute and she doesnt even know we are here.when she sat next to me i knew i blushed. when she got up and walked out it was a weird feeling. i wanted her bacvk with me.


leighs pov

im gonna get smashed tonight!i drive to the abandoned warehouse near my old school. school was still going on and me and my mates had smething planned for that hell hole.

i pull up to the ware house and dylan was there with his mates on his car already drinking, "hey babe!" dylan says jumping off his car and pash's me. there was wolf whistles behind us. his lips tasted of alcohol and cigarettes.and maybe a little cocaine and other drugs.brianna is my best friend. shes a hard core bitch. she throws me a beer.everyone calls her branna because brianna is too girly. "thanks branna" i say and open the top and take a gulp.

"who brought the spray?" i ask. "that would be me" kelsey, my other mate says. there was about 5 of us girls and ten boys. i think. us girls were really tight. kelsey, branna, nikki, brix, massy and i have a boyfriend in the ten boys.

i sit with dylan ontop of the car and he hands me his cigarette. we got pretty smashed after a few drinks and a few random drugs. i could hardly walk.

kelsey starts throwing spray cans at people. i shake mine and hand the cigarette back to dylan. "lets do this shit" i say and jump off the car. we go into the school and start tagging it.

i write a series of things. like ... our group name which is dafuq, and just random words these kids shouldnt know yet but probably do because i know half the kids that come here.

"hey get out of here" shit the principal. wait mr weebly? hes still alive? wow ithought he was dead. well hes old enough to anyway. "police!" soemone screams. we run off laughing so hard. leaving the spray cans behind. i had a police officer on my tail. i get to the park just around the corner from my hoouse. i am laughing so hard i trip over and fall on the grass.

the police person sits on me and handcuffs me. "your under arrest" is all ihear and all the other shit. ive heard this all before. blah blah blah. she yanks me up. "ow! fuck this shit!" i curse. she shoves me into the awaiting police car and off we go. saqme drill.


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