brother,love and friends

Jessy is a normall 16 year old, but when she was 12 she heard that the people she lived with were not her real family. She was devastated at this, she did not know who her real family was wether they were alive or dead. one summer day she looked herself up and there it was a picture of her that said "mura horans second child" she was scard did they think she was alive or dead of couse she was alive she was staring at the picture. 12 days after seeing the picture she got an anonamuse call from not only then niall horan her real brother. what do u think he dose when she falls head over heels for her brothers friend louis, dose he give louis permishen to date her


6. the truth about love

dear diary,

I've been hear for almost 6 months i have plenty of friends but i would think that is all because of who i am. i dont know if i told you but louis and i are now dating and that all happend when i started to have feelings for him and of course the same way for him, anyway niall has now exsepted that im dateing his best friend and also the oldest in the band. the truth is i think niall is jelous of me how couldnt he be his girlfrieng is in ireland and they barly see each other he dosnt know what she could be doing, she could be sleping with another man for all i know.   thanks for listening


i got up from my dessk and walked down stairs i heard someone yelling but i only heard one voice in the room, i walked down a bit fether and heard the voice that was yelling was niall and he was through his phone, all i could make out of the convo was that he was angry and he was talking to his girlfriend, this cant be good as he hung up the call i walked in and sat next to him, he was crying, as i did i said "whats wrong what did she do" and he simply replyed through tears she cheated on me with somone she use to date in high school" i felt so ashamed that i had just wrote in my diary that she could be cheating on him and she was. my poor brother.

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