brother,love and friends

Jessy is a normall 16 year old, but when she was 12 she heard that the people she lived with were not her real family. She was devastated at this, she did not know who her real family was wether they were alive or dead. one summer day she looked herself up and there it was a picture of her that said "mura horans second child" she was scard did they think she was alive or dead of couse she was alive she was staring at the picture. 12 days after seeing the picture she got an anonamuse call from not only then niall horan her real brother. what do u think he dose when she falls head over heels for her brothers friend louis, dose he give louis permishen to date her


5. school

my first day of school was terrible i met a girl her name was jesabel, jesabel row, she is nice funny and i can trust her with my secret but i promised niall so i wont tell. i got home that everning to see niall and the rest of the boys onthe couch whatching the news there was something about my school on, i asked niall what was going on he said with fear "someone has found out who u really are. jessy did u tell anyone that im ur brother." "no i didnt and i would never-" i was cut off by niall. "it is ok jessy, u promised u wouldnt and i believe u jess." i huged niall whent to my room. i got to my room put my school bag down, grabed my phone and there was a text from jesabel saying 'are u really niall horans sister' i replyed 'yes i am niall horans sister'.

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