Nara Williams, along with her brother and twin sister move to a new town with their father to start a new life following the recent split between her parents. But all is not what is seems. The house is already occupied...


3. Chapter 3

"Dad, the rest of our crap is here." Connor called as the a moving truck pulled up their drive way.

"I know Connor, I have eyes." his father replied from the kitchen "and there's a window too" he added.

"Move out the way!" Nara yelled at Connor, pushing past him out of the door and towards the truck, "My bed! My sweet bed is here!"

"My books!" Violet said excitedly, following Nara out the door. Their dad walked out of the kitchen,

"Come on, we have to help too."

"Why?" Connor asked, annoyed, "I'm too lazy for this type of stuff."

"Because the rain has cleared up and it's polite. Now go."


Nara lay down on her bed, surrounded with unopened boxes of clothes and other small objects, she beginning to question her sanity. As Violet came into their bedroom, she sat up quickly and demanded, "Do you think I'm going mad?"

Violet looked taken aback at Nara's sudden outburst, "Um...I don't think so,,,"

"You do!" Nara gasped

Violet bit her lip nervously, "I didn't mean to say it like that. It's just that, you know, you went though a phase where you had an imaginary friend. Maybe you're going through another phase..." she trailed off.

"No, I'm not going through a phase. And her name was Allie." Nara replied embarrassed.


"My 'imaginary friend', her name was Allie." Nara looked away, avoiding Violet's curious gaze. Violet frowned,

"You're hiding something Nara. What is it?"

"Nothing," Nara quickly replied, "Nothing of importance. You won't believe me anyway"

"Please tell me, I always tell you things." Violet begged.

Nara sighed and looked at the ground, "Allie was...dead. "

"What?! Who told you that?!"

"She did." Nara mumbled, "Please don't tell Dad, or anyone." she added in a pained voice.

"I won't." Violet promised.


Peter, the childrens' father, sat down next to Nara on the sofa, "What are you watching?"

"Just channel surfing. Nothing much on." Nara replied

"You can tell me anything. You know that right?" he asked putting his arm around her shoulders.


"So...anything interesting happen today?" her dad questioned. Nara looked at him suspiciously

"Not really," she lied, "Why?"

"Oh, no reason."  

Nara glared at Violet who sat directly across from her on the Lay-Z-Boy. "You told him!" she yelled, "You promised you lying - "

"I'm worried about you!" Violet replied defensively, "It's not normal!"

"When have I ever been normal?" Nara yelled

"Enough!" their father interrupted, "Nara, Violet was only trying to help."

"I'm not seeing another psychiatrist!" Nara exclaimed "I. AM. FINE!"

A muffled laugh came from the kitchen. Connor poked his head around the corner, "Starting to see Alice again?" he teased. Nara threw a cuchion at his head but he ducked and instead it rebounded off the wall and hit a lamp, knocking it over. "Violence is never the answer." he said in a patronising voice.

"Shut up." Nara snapped, storming out the living room. "And it was Allie!' She muttered angrily, "Not Alice."

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