Nara Williams, along with her brother and twin sister move to a new town with their father to start a new life following the recent split between her parents. But all is not what is seems. The house is already occupied...


2. Chapter 2

The floor creaked as soon as Nara put one foot inside the house. Connor sighed in annoyance                               

"Yay, no more midnight raids in the fridge." he grumbled as they strolled into the living room. Nara and Violet turned around simultaneously and raised their eyebrows at him "Not that I do that" Connor hurridly added.

"Whatever," Nara and her twin replied together "just be glad the we don't snitch on people."

"Unless they murder someone," Nara added "or really bad peer pressure like doing drugs, or deal drugs-"

"We get the point." Violet interrupted as their dad entered the room, 

"Are you going to look around or just hang around here?" their father asked

Connor edged his way past their dad and ran down the hallway, and called out "First in first served."

"Hey! Wait up!" Violet yelled at Connor as he ran away "No fair!"

"Well come on then," Nara grabbed Violet arm, dargging her along "it's no use yelling"


Connor stood in front or the door way of a bedroom "My room, now shuffle along girlies" Nara rolled her eyes, 

"Nara," Violet said timidly as they walked away from him "Can we, uh, share a room."


"Because I like sharing a room with you, we've shared rooms since we were little."


"I don't want to sleep alone, I like talking to you...don't you like talking to me?"

"Fine," Nara sighed defeated "I like talking to you too, but we can't talk too much because remember how much trouble we got into when Mum and Dad caught us when we should have gone to sleep four hours before."

"Yeah," Violet replied reminiscently. She stopped in front of the last door at the end of the hallway, Nara twisted the metal handle, slowly opening the door to see...


 A little girl. The girl turned around from looking out the window to face Nara, a startled look on her white face. Nara's heart beat increase, she could feel it thumping in her chest. But as soon as she blinked, the ghostly girl had vanished. She tugged at Violet's arm, not moving her gaze from the spot where the child had disappeared. "Did you see her?" she demanded. 

"See who?" Violet questioned confused. Her sister didn't reply, "Nara, what are talkng about? There's nobody there." 

"Didn't you see her? The girl?"

"Are you okay?" Violet asked worriedly "Do you need to lie down or something?"

Nara shook her head, "I'm fine, just imagination I guess." 

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Nara sighed. The memory of seeing the same child watching out of the kitchen window flashed into her mind. Nara took a breath in sharply in realisation before she turned and ran down the hall.

"Where are you going?" Violet yelled puzzled.


Wham! Nara skidded into her dad, he stumbled before quickly regaining his balance "What's up with you?"

"Sorry." Nara quickly apologised "Just in a rush."

"For what?" her father queried "There's nothing to do. the moving truck got stuck in some traffic, so it won't be here for a while." 

"Ah, I've got to do some stuff." She answered, mentally adding "to get my mind off all this freakin' crazy shi-" At that precise moment, there was a knock on the door "I"m gonna see whose at the door." Nara added, before she hastily opened the front entrance. A teenage girl, who looked around seventeen or so, stood on the veranda holding an umbrella that supported the Italian rugby team in one hand and a dish in the other. "Uh, hi," Nara greeted the stranger "I'm Nara."

"Cool name," the girl smiled "I'm Alexia." She had to raise her voice slightly because of the loud racket the rain was making on the tin roof.

"Right then, hello Alexia," Nara grinned back at Alexia "do you want to come in?"

"Uh thanks, but I have to get going. Here," She said handing over the warm dish "this is for you and your family. I made it."

"Oh, well, thanks then." Nara replied gratefully. 

"Nara, hurry up! You're letting the cold come in and it's already bloody freezing in here..." Connor trailed off as he stopped behind Nara. "Um, er, uh, hi," he stumbled over his wrods nervously greeting the stranger at their door  'how's it, um, going?"

 "I'm fine, how are you?"

Connor blushed "I'm uh, fine...good, I'm good."

"Okay then..." Alexia frowned uncertainly, "well, I have to go now. See you 'round then. What's your name?"

"Uh, Connor, it's Connor. What's your name?"

"Alexia, well anyway, nice to meet you Connor. Like I said, see you 'round...Connor" Alexia said before turning around and running through the rain and jumping (somehow gracefully) over the fence with her umbrella in one hand.

"Somebody's in love." Nara teased in a sing-song voice before skipping inside.


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