Nara Williams, along with her brother and twin sister move to a new town with their father to start a new life following the recent split between her parents. But all is not what is seems. The house is already occupied...


1. Chapter 1

Nara yawned and gazed boredly out of the car window, watching as the houses flash past her eyes. All the while the rain pattered noisily on the glass, and only just drowned out by the music blasting from the radio. Her father, Peter, was concentrating on the dangerously slippery road while her twin sister's head rested on Connor's, their brother, shoulder as she slept peacefully, oblivious to the music and the rain pouring down outside.
"Well, here we are!" Peter said cheerfully as they parked in front of a small Victorian villa. It had a certain charm and looked somewhat welcoming yet Nara still felt a bit uneasy about her new home.
"Wake up Violet" Connor said shaking Nara's twin sister awake.
"A few more minutes." Violet mumbled in response.
"Come on, we're here." Connor replied annoyed. Violet stirred drowsily. "Urgh!" Connor whined "You dribbled on me!"

Nara pulled open her umbrella as she stepped out of the car into the puddles on the gravel drive. She looked up mischievously at Connor, planning to splash him with the murky water that was called a puddle, who without looking replied "Don't even think about it Nara." Violet rolled her eyes at the immaturity of her sister. "Come on then, I want to have a look at the house." Nara looked at the villa again, only to have the uncertainty increase as she saw a young pale face watching out of the kitchen window curiously.

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