Forgetton Memories

Alisha lives with her abusing father who doesn't let her outside of the house. One night a strange boy comes to her window saying that he is her brother. Dieing would be better than staying with her father so she follows the boy. She soon finds out a lot about the outside world and and becomes more of it then she wants to. With the help of her 'brother' and 4 of his friends Alisha learns how to concure her fear of the world and prove to everyone who doubts her, that she can.


11. Video Games

Dinner was amazing! I've never had anything so good in my life, but I didn't want to be rude so I didn't take that much. On the other hand Niall was eating fists full of food at a time, so I took a little more than I thought was polite.

"Alisha, you don't have to hold back, we all know that you've probably haven't eaten anything for a while and it's okay if you're really hungry," mum said. I smiled and ate more food then some of the other boys including Niall.

"Woah Niall, she's a keeper!" Louis said sarcastically. I tilted my head to the side and blinked a few times, I had no idea what he meant.

"It's okay Alisha just ignore him," Liam said. I nodded and continued to eat. Once I couldn't eat anymore I went to where the guys were sitting. Liam was sitting next to Danielle with his arm wrapped around her there was no other room then next to Louis so I went to go sit next to him. 

"Hey Alisha!" Louis said.

"Hey Louis," I said quietly.

"What's up?" Louis asked.

I looked up, "The ceiling."

Louis laughed, "I meant how are you doing."

"Oh, good I guess. I've been found by my brother. Saved from my dad. I went to an airport! A on a plane! Rode in a long black thing with wheels. Met my mum and my sisters. And you guys! So no I'm actually doing amazing," I said.

"That's amaZAYN to you!" Zayn yelled.

I looked at Louis, "You'll get it soon enough." I nodded.

I looked at the screen on the TV, the last time I watch it was when I was 12, I earned a smack from dad for that. I turned my face away from the TV, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to look at it," I said.

"What are you talking about?" Niall asked.

"I didn't mean to look at the TV, I'm sorry," I said.

"Alisha calm down we don't know what you're talking about," Harry said. I started crying now.

"What's wrong with her?" Danielle asked.

"If you were abused for 13 years you'd be traumatized to!" Louis said back. Soon arms were around me and I started to cry harder, "Hey Alisha it's just me," Liam's voice said. I was really scared I pulled away from him and ran through the house. I heard them calling me back but I didn't listen. I found a door and I opened it. I saw trees and sky and I walked outside. Then they came from everywhere I couldn't tell how many there were but they were everywhere.

"Who are you? What's your name? Are you and Liam a couple? How old are you? Where do you live?" It was all so over whelming. I didn't know what to say they were everywhere. I fell to the ground with my legs crossed, the continuous flashes blind me. "Alisha!" someone yells. He comes running up in front off me and blocks all of those people. He picks me up with one arm under my legs and his other arm around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck to help support him, then I buried my face into his chest.

"Louis! Louis! Louis! who is this girl?"

"No one you need to know. Leave her alone! She's not used to this okay!" Louis yelled at them.

"I'll take her Louis," Liam's voice said. Louis put me on my feet and I ran to Liam. He wrapped me in a hug and kissed the top of my head, "You okay?" he asked.

"Yes I'm okay," I said. Liam pulled me inside, "I'm so sorry about that."

"Who are they?" I asked.

"There called Paparazzi or Paps, they take pictures of famous people and lie about them in papers put together called magazines," Liam said.

"Well why would they want to lie about you?" I asked confused.

"I don't know they think they know everything abut us but they don't," Liam explained.

"And it pisses us off," Harry said entering the room.

"Harry no need for that language!" Mum said also going us in the room.

"I'm only speaking the truth, with a few harsh words, that's all!" Harry said defensively.

"Those nosy little cunts," Niall says walking into the room.

"Woah there Niall! A little far much!" Louis said. 

"Alisha doesn't need to hear it, she's already heard enough," Liam said.

"Sorry to be a mood breaker but Paul just called me and said you guys had a interview tomorrow," Ruth said, "I think you guys left your phones off from the plane because he couldn't get a hold of any of you."

"Thanks Ruth," Niall said.

Everyone started to exit the room, "Hey you ok?" Louis asked coming up behind me.

"Yah thank you so much," I say and hug Louis.

"Ehh, any time," Louis said, "You wanna do something?"

"I don't know what to do, I'm usually told to do things," I said.

"Do you know what video games are?" Louis asked.

"Video games?"

"Here I'll show you," Louis said and pulled me into the living room. 

He started paying a "video game" were cars were speeding down roads and the first one to cross a line won the game, the characters were cartoon people I think Louis called one of them Mario. Louis soon had me playing it even though I had no idea what to do, "Louis I'm confused!" I said giving up.

"Don't give up Alisha! Keep trying!" Louis encouraged.

"I don't know what to do though!" I whined.

"Here I'll help," Louis got off his spot on the couch and came behind me grabbing onto the controller to help me. He turned my hands one way and the car would go that way. In the end Louis jumped up cheering, "What?" I asked confused.

"We won!" Louis shouted. I covered my ears, "Oh sorry. We won!" Louis whispered.

"We won what?" Liam asked stepping into the room.

"I think we won the game," I said.

"Game?" Liam asked, he looked at the screen, the cartoon people were standing on blocks and they were cheering, then a gold trophy took the images place, "God Louis she probably doesn't even know how to read and you're teaching her how to play video games, what are we going to do with you?" Louis winked.

"It's 11:30 if you guys want to actually go to the interview I'd go to sleep if I were you," Mum said entering the room. Mum grabbed my hand I started taking me to my room.


"Do you like Alisha?" Liam asked.

"I have a girlfriend, who I love. I could never do that to Eleanor, besides we have a no dating sister rule," Louis said.

"Then why are you always hanging out with her?" Liam asked.

"Because she needs someone who she can count on, I'm just being a good friend that's all," Louis said. Liam watched him for a bit, "Look I know you're being an overprotective brother, and I would be the same if that happened to any of my sisters, but you know that I wouldn't try anything with her, especially when I love someone right now."

Liam sighed, "I know Lou, I just don't want Alisha to be hurt by anyone again, and I'm not saying you will but the fans will."

Louis hugged Liam, "There's a saying it will all be okay in the end, so if it's not okay, it's not the end."

"Did you just say that?" Liam asked.

Louis shrugged, "I have my moments."

"Thanks Lou, but if I can't be there for Alisha for some reason I want you to be there, she obviously trust you," Liam said.

"Don't worry mate." Louis said comfortingly. Liam smiled and headed to bed.


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