Forgetton Memories

Alisha lives with her abusing father who doesn't let her outside of the house. One night a strange boy comes to her window saying that he is her brother. Dieing would be better than staying with her father so she follows the boy. She soon finds out a lot about the outside world and and becomes more of it then she wants to. With the help of her 'brother' and 4 of his friends Alisha learns how to concure her fear of the world and prove to everyone who doubts her, that she can.


9. The Song

"This was my room?" I asked.

"Yah you didn't like it to be cluttered," Liam said, he laid down on the bed "Sometimes I come into here and just lay here, not doing anything and not saying anything. When I came into here, Mom, Ruth and Nicole wuld leave me alone, and desturbed me only to give me food." He patted the spot next to him.

"I dreamt about you," I said to Liam "I remembered you." He smiled.

"Whenever I came in here I felt like you were near me," Liam said.

"What's the time difference?" I asked.

"From here and dad?" he asked, I nodded "About 5 hours."

"So if you came in here at 4:00 then i'd be sleeping and it would be 9:00. And I would be dreaming about you," I said. Liam shot up.

"Di you dream about me everynight?" he asked.

"No, only some" I said.

"That's really creepy but also possible" Liam said.

"Should we tell somebody?" I asked.

"No, let's keep it our secret," Liam said. I laid down beside Liam.

"I have asong stuck inside my head," I said.

"What song?" he asked

No one will hurt you now

We'll get through in somehow

Sleep in my arms tonight

I will hold you tight

Liam joined in

Hush darling don't you cry

I'll be right here forever

When you wake at sunrise

You will see my smile

Liam smiled "I used to sing that to you when you had nightmares. I really missed you Alisha." I smiled a burried my face into his chest.

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