Forgetton Memories

Alisha lives with her abusing father who doesn't let her outside of the house. One night a strange boy comes to her window saying that he is her brother. Dieing would be better than staying with her father so she follows the boy. She soon finds out a lot about the outside world and and becomes more of it then she wants to. With the help of her 'brother' and 4 of his friends Alisha learns how to concure her fear of the world and prove to everyone who doubts her, that she can.


10. Pool Party!

Liam fell asleep, he was really tired today. I slowly untucked his arm from my body and got out of my bed, I walked as quietly as I could to the door. When I opened it, it creaked loudly, I turned to look at Liam, he stirred a bit. I opened the door the rest of the way and closed it fast. I walked down the hallway looking for the staircase. After about 2 minutes I find it and go downstairs. When I am on the last step Louis comes running out of nowhere and knocks me over. I scream on my way down, I'm ready for the floor to hit m, I'm always ready for it to hit me. It's like my life is meant for me to keep being knocked down, all I'm ever going to do is fall and fail. It always happens slow enough that I know that I'm going to hit, but fast enough that I can't stop myself. So I wait but what surprises me is nothing happens. I wait another few seconds but still nothing happens.

"Alisha are you ok? I'm so sorry!" Louis' voice yells. I turn my body and look right into Louis eyes. "Did you catch me?" I asked.

"I think so... Your in my arms and not on the ground..." he said. I jump onto him and give him a big hug "Thank you!" I yell.

"Hey no biggie, just being Super Man, that's all," Louis says. I let go of him and sit down on the stairs. I don't know what to do now. So I just sit. "You okay Alisha?" I look up at Louis.

"Yah I'm fine, I just don't know what to do," I said. Louis smiled. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started running, I started screaming as he ran. I felt cold air hit my skin, then I was falling. When I hit ground I kept falling and falling, I opened my eyes and they started to sting. I tried to breath in air but water just filled my mouth. I started splashing around when I finally surfaced. I started gasping for air and loking for Louis. Where was he? Something touched my waist I tried to turn around but it got tighter and held me in place. Then it lifted me up and turned me around, I looked down at Louis.

"Hey Louis!" I said.

"Hi Alisha!" he said back.

He brought me back down so I was faceing him "You don't look a lot like Liam, did you know that?"

"Yah, I have darker hair," I said.

"It's very pretty though," he said.


"Hey! Alisha back-off my man!" Harry yelled.

"Your man?" I asked. Louis started laughing and got ot of the water he gave Harry a hug, Harry then realized what he was doing. "Louis! I'm all wet now!" Harry yelled.

"Yep and your going to be even wetter," Louis said and pushed Harry into the water. I started laughing, but something pulled on my leg and I went under. When I got back up I saw Harry. He started splashing me so I started splashing him to.

"Pool Party!" Zayn yelled and jumped into the water. Niall jumped in after. Soon the guys taught me how to play volley-ball, I wasn't amazing but I was pretty good. Niall hit the ball really hard and it came flying at my face so my first instinct was to push it, so I put my hands infront of my face and pushed. I pushed it a little too hard and it went out of the pool.

"Ow!" came a girl's voice.

"Our point!" Harry yelled, and we all turned to see Dani glaring at us.

"I'm sorry Dani," I said.

"You should be," she said and stomped off.

"Why does she hate me?" I asked.

"Cause Liam likes you better," Zayn said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well Liam loves you, you're his long lost sister and best friend," Harry said. I nodded my head so they knew I understood and we went back to playing volleyball.

About an hour later Liam came outside.

"Hello sleepy pants!" Louis yelled, he looked at me with surprise.

"Louis? What did you do to my sister?" Liam asked.

"She said she didn't know what to do so I threw her in the pool, then the guys came out and we just started playing volleyball," Louis said.

"In your clothes?" Liam asked.

"Yep." Louis answred.

"Okay then," Liam said and then jumped into the pool. He swam up to me and poped out of the water right infront of me. "Hello," he said.

"Hi Liam, how'd you sleep?" I asked.

"Great thank you," he said.

"Okay kids it's time to come in now," Liam's mom said.

"Were not kids anymore," Liam said.

"No but Alisha is," mom said.

"How old are you?" Harry asked.

"17, I'm turning 18 in a few months," I answered. 

"Old enough for me!" Harry said.

"No Harry! Just no," Liam said. All the guys started laughing and got out so I followed them.

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