Forgetton Memories

Alisha lives with her abusing father who doesn't let her outside of the house. One night a strange boy comes to her window saying that he is her brother. Dieing would be better than staying with her father so she follows the boy. She soon finds out a lot about the outside world and and becomes more of it then she wants to. With the help of her 'brother' and 4 of his friends Alisha learns how to concure her fear of the world and prove to everyone who doubts her, that she can.


1. My Life

"Alisha! Get down here!" My dad screamed.

I ran into his bedroom "Yes Dad?"

"Where is my buisness suit?" he asked.

"Still in the wash," I still said sowly. He didn't have it now, oh no that usually ends with a slap across the face. Just as prodicted he slapped me across the face.

"Why is it still in the wash?" he asked angrily.

"Because I didnt have time to wash it," I said slowly looking down.

"How could you not have time, you aren't even busy!" He yelled. I didn't answer, i just looked at the ground. "Answer me!"

"I had to finish all my other chores and I didnt have time to, I'm sorry," I said. I kenw I wasn't going to get away with it. He slpas me even harder this time, that I actually fall to the ground and my vision blurs.

"Get it done!" He yells.

"Yes dad," I say and walk out of the room.

I rush down to the laundry room and throw his suit into the washer. I hear the sound of water running. He's having a shower hopefully I can get it into the dryer fast. The sound of the ding when the washer is done, interupts my thoughts. I quickly throw everything into the dryer.

"Alisha!" My dad screams.

"Yes!" I yell back trying to stall time.

"Where's my business suit?" he yells.

"Uh....." DING, saved by the bell "Coming!" I yell.

I quikly take it out of the dryer and fold it, then I rush into my dad's bedroom. I leave it on the bed and head downstairs to make him lunch. By the time he's dowstairs I have his lunch in a brown bag on the counter.

"I need you to clean the bathrooms, the livingroom, and the windows, oh and also make my bed," My dad said.

I nod and watch as he walks out the door. I stood there for a bit onger trying to breath I the fresh air of the world outside my frontdoor. I know I could easily run away from here, but I've had no connection to the outside world. so I wouldn't be able to survive, and I would have nowhere to live. So I live with my abusing dad, but I still get a roof over my head and food.

I take in anther breath and I'm sad theres no more of the air there, so i sigh and head off to do my chores.  




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