Forgetton Memories

Alisha lives with her abusing father who doesn't let her outside of the house. One night a strange boy comes to her window saying that he is her brother. Dieing would be better than staying with her father so she follows the boy. She soon finds out a lot about the outside world and and becomes more of it then she wants to. With the help of her 'brother' and 4 of his friends Alisha learns how to concure her fear of the world and prove to everyone who doubts her, that she can.


12. Meeting Eleanor

Author's Note: I know this may be a little late in the story... But I would really like to dedicate this story to someone really special in my life. I didn't realize this was kind of based on our relationship but as I kept writing the story I noticed I was always thinking of him. I love you Dan you're always there to help me up when I fall you even will stop whatever game you're playing on the Xbox to listen to what I have to say. You are the best brother anyone could EVER ask for. Without you I would never be where I am today. Thank you for believing in me<3  

 I woke up to find Liam staring at me. I gasped, "Oh sorry, I was just going to wake you up," Liam said.

"Oh, well I'm up!" I said. I got out of bed and stretched, "I got Danielle to lend you some of her clothes." Liam said handing me a pile of clothes.

"Tell her I said thank you." There was a knock on the door, "Come in."

"Hey chick," Louis said.

"Hi Louis, but I'm not a baby chicken," I said.

Louis laughed, "Oh how much I love you." Liam laughed as well. "Anyways Eleanor wants to come over today to meet you."


"My girlfriend, she's amazing I know you'll love her!" Louis said. I knew he really loved her by the way his face lit up when he talked about her.

"Is she anything like you?" I ask.

"At times yes," Louis answered.

"Then I'm sure I'll like her," I said earning a big smile from Louis.

"Well we'll leave you to get change and we'll be in the kitchen if you need us," Liam said, pulling Louis out of the room. I quickly got changed into the clothes Danielle nicely lent to me. Then I went into the washroom. I found a bunch of hair elastics and clips. I put my hair up into a messy bun and brush my teeth.

When I came downstairs I found Louis and Liam in the kitchen like they said they'd be. But with them was probably one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen.

"She finally comes down," Louis says. The girl lightly punches his arm, "Lou! Us girls actually care about what we look like."

Louis smiles at her, "Alisha this is Eleanor," he says smiling at her the whole time. There so cute!

"Hey Alisha it's so nice to meet you!" Eleanor says shaking my hand.

"Hi." I say shyly.

"There's no to be shy I don't bite," Eleanor said smiling. Her smile just made me want to believe every word coming out of her mouth.

"You and Louis are so cute together, I can tell he really loves you," I say. Louis smiles again and comes to hug Eleanor from behind, he rests his chin on her shoulder, "Yah, I got lucky didn't I," Eleanor said.

"Okay! Enough with the lovey dovey! We gotta go Lou," Liam said. Just then Danielle came bouncing into the room, "Morning Li," she said kissing his cheek, she then took notice of Eleanor, "Oh hey El!" looks like they were friends.

"Hey Dani!" Eleanor answered back hugging her.

"You wanna go shopping today or something?" Danielle asked.

"Sorry I'm gonna hang out with the newly found sista!" Eleanor said. Now I can see why they like each other.

Danielle then saw me, "Oh hey Alisha."

"Hi," I said quietly and slightly waved.

"Well we really gotta go," Liam said. Louis kissed Eleanor and Liam kissed Danielle.

Louis gave me a short hug and whispered in my ear, "Ask to play video games with them and then use what I taught you to kick their butts!" I started laughing, soon Liam wrapped me in a giant hug, "See you later, watch the interview though!" Then they were gone.

"Okay so the interview doesn't start for another hour so what do you want to do?" Eleanor asked.

"I don't know about you two but I'm outta here!" Danielle said.

"Why?" Eleanor asked.

She looked at me, "I've got dance lessons," she said.

"Oh well see you later then?" Eleanor asked, they hugged and Danielle left, "So it's just you and me what do you want to do?"

"I actually don't know....."

"Hmmm.... Were in a kitchen.... I know Let's Bake!" Eleanor said happily. She pulled all the ingredients out and got everything ready, "Well don't just stand there come help me!" I awkwardly walked towards her.

"I don't know what to do," I said truthfully.

Eleanor laughed, "Either do I sweetie, that's why there's instructions." So we found out how to make cake, so for Louis we made carrot cake. After it came out of the oven we had to let it cool down, so we just talked. I found out that Eleanor is a model, her friend worked with Harry at a bakery so that's how she met Louis, and she's really funny. Soon we iced the cake and Eleanor wrote I Love One Direction in icing. 

"That's awesome, 'kay let's go watch that interview." we went to the living room and sat down on the couch.

"Hello everyone we're back with One Direction!" People started to scream and the boys waved at everyone, "So as usual we're going to ask you guys questions. Who's still single?"

Harry and Niall put their hands up.

"Now this question is for Liam," A picture of me popped up on the screen, "New girlfriend?"

Liam laughed, "No I'm still with Danielle and I love her very much."

"What we want to know is who is she?"

"She's my sister." A gasp went up in the crowd.

"Care to explain?"

"Well when she was 3, making me 4, our dad took her away from us, since then she hasn't had any contact with the outside world and he's been abusing her. I brought her home," Liam explained. A bunch of "awes" came from the crowd.

"That's so cute, are you two close?"

"Yes. We were close when we were younger, and we're still very close if not more."

"How do you guys like her?"

"I love her!" Louis yelled, the crowed started laughing.

"Don't you be stealing my boy!" Eleanor said, she smiled after indicating that it was a joke.

"I taught her how to play video games!" Louis yelled.

"Oh we know." Then two pictures from last night appeared on the screen. One where Louis was helping me, and another where he was jumping up and down.

"Where'd you- Liam?" Louis said, "You were there longer then you said you were, weren't you." Liam was laughing.

"Do you love fancy her?"

"No I'm in a very happy relationship right now. Actually the last thing Alisha said to me before we left for the interview was how cute a couple Eleanor and I were," Louis said.

"Do any of you guys fancy her?"

"I've got a girlfriend," Zayn said.

"She's more of a friend to me, and we have a no dating sisters rule," Niall said.

"Exactly what Niall said, and she's not experienced enough with the world yet to be in a relationship. If we hurt her in anyway Liam would kill us," Harry said. 

"You bet I would!" Liam said.

"Protective are we?"

"Well yah Alisha has been through a lot and since Ruth and Nicola are older then me I'm the one being protected, but with Alisha I'm the protector." A bunch of "Awes" came from the audience. 

"How cute, well there you have it folks One Direction!"

"Best Interview Ever!" Eleanor said.

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