Always and forever

Elizabeth aka Liz was best friends with Liam since the beginning after a long two year tour she is hoping she can make something new out if the friendship. But when Liam returns problems make things hard than Liz expected. Will she get with Liam or will new love get in the way?


9. Chapter 9

I see Liam standing there in shock. "Liam what you heard… I was just" I don't finish. Liam walks over to me, grabs my face and kisses me. He holds me tight and I feel his strong arms around me. We stop and I wait for him to say something, anything. "I'm sorry." he says. "It's fine." he steps back and sits down. "So how long have you had these feelings?" "Awhile, but I never said anything. I got over them, but they all came back when I saw you again." I say. "Liz, why didn't ever tell me!" "I didnt think you felt the same." I say. He lets a huff of air kinda like a laugh. "Come sit down. Liz I've always liked you. We were best friends how could I not." my heart skips a beat when he says that. "Well what are we supposed to do now? Your dating Danielle, but you like me and I'm well I guess dating Harry, but I like you." I say. "I know I know." we sit in silence for awhile. "Well I'm not a cheater and wont be one!" he says. I move closer. "Oh no your definitely not." I want a another kiss. "So we can't do this." he says. "Not at all!" I say as I kiss his ear. "Liz, no! I'm…we will…" his voice trails off and I kiss him again. We stop and he smiles then frowns. He gets up and leaves. I text him "Come over tomorrow so we can do this again" and to my surprise he texts me back "Okay!" I know this is wrong and if it was with anyone else I'd be so upset with myself, but it's Liam!!! Plus now he can ditch Danielle. I can… oh no I forgot Harry. I know that he likes me. Do I stay with him since me and Liam aren't really together. No, I don't want to string him along, but I have to so no will suspect what me and Liam are doing. This will be crazy!
Two weeks pass and I'm still secretly seeing Liam. Everyday when Danielle has rehearsal he comes over and we either go out or stay in. We can't really go anywhere that a lot if people will be because we don't want this to get out into the paparazzi. My phone rings its Liam. He says he is on his way. "Hey how about I come to your place this time?" I text him. "Uh are you sure it's kinda risky" "I love good challenge plus Danielle won't be back until 8" I send back. "Haha ok I'm coming to get you." I wait for him to come. He knocks on the door and I open it. "Hi" I say. "Hello." he kisses me and we walk to the car. Being the perfect gentlemen he is he opens the door for me. "Thanks, love" we drive to his flat. We go inside and go upstairs. He picks me up and throws me on the bed. "Mr. Payne what are you doing?" I say laughing. "I about to kiss my best friend." he whispers. We lay on the bed in each others arms for what seems like forever. It's almost seven when we here noise downstairs. "Babe where are you! I got out of rehearsal early!"
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