Always and forever

Elizabeth aka Liz was best friends with Liam since the beginning after a long two year tour she is hoping she can make something new out if the friendship. But when Liam returns problems make things hard than Liz expected. Will she get with Liam or will new love get in the way?


8. Chapter 8

the next day I plan on going stores and getting food and other stuff I need. I don't really wanna see either of the boys I think I just need a me day. I get up put anything on and head out. My first stop is the market. I need to get some more food I'm completely out. When I get there people stare. They whisper when I walk. I'm confused until a little girl walks up to me and says "Hello.…I love one direction and I wanted to know are you dating Harry or Liam?" I'm shocked. Even this little girl could see how undecided I was. I was about to answer when the little girls mum walked up. "I'm sorry." she said and they both walked away. I hurry up and get what I need and leave. I have to settle this. I'll invite both boys over at different times. Who ever I have the best time with I'll go for. That sounds right, right? Maybe not. Okay maybe I'll tell them that I like them and see what happens. I'm sticking with that. I break my no boys day and call Harry first. "Hello you reached Harry please leave a message!" Great voicemail. That's odd he always answers. I try calling again, but still no answer. I hope he is not mad because of happened last night. I guess I'll call Liam and see if he can come. "Hello" I say. "Hey Liz! What's up love?" "Can you come over, I have to tell you something important?" I say. "Sure Danielle is at rehearsal again! I'll be right over!" I hang up and wait for him to get here. How should I say it? Should I just blurt it out? I practice saying it in front of the mirror. "Liam, I like you" no that's to subtle. "Liam I wanna be more then friends." nope that's not it. "Liam I've had a crush on you since the beginning I never told you because I didn't want to hold you back. I really really like you and maybe even …" I don't get to finish because when I open my I see Liam's reflection in the mirror!
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