Always and forever

Elizabeth aka Liz was best friends with Liam since the beginning after a long two year tour she is hoping she can make something new out if the friendship. But when Liam returns problems make things hard than Liz expected. Will she get with Liam or will new love get in the way?


6. Chapter 6

I wake up the next morning and think about what I'm doing today. I promised my friend Lillian I'd come to her performance because it is right before mine. She is like the only girl friend I have. Most girls around here are to giddy and stuck up for my liking. Lillian is good though. Her performance starts at 5 so I plenty of time it's only 12. I love sleeping in. I went the kitchen and made me some cereal since that's the only kind of food I can make. I sit myself in front of the tele and watch some cartoons. I hear my phone ringing from my room so I get up to go get. Its Lillian "Hello?" I say "Hi, want to get some lunch?" I look down at my bowl of cereal and laugh. "Yes that be lovely." I say. "Good meet me at the nice shop on Mary Dr. In 20 mins." "ok I'll be there. Bye" I hang up and put my cereal in the sink. I go in my closet and pick out a cute floral sun dress. I curl my hair and head to the shop. I get in my rust bucket and drive. I get there and I see Lillian on the phone. "Hello!" I say. She waves me over "Ok well I'll speak later bye now, hello!" "you look great!" I say. She has on a lace top with collar and the cutest jeans and red toms. "You do too, love!" we sit down and order the same thing. Caesar salad and green tea. "So how are you?" I say. "Good good in excited for to hear me tonight I've written some new material!" "Well I can't wait to hear, my friend is coming to hear me tonight too. Maybe you've heard of him his name is Harry." I say. "Harry who?" "Styles Harry Styles." I say. Her jaw drops. "Harry styles from one direction. Your the girl. Oh my! Liz!" "Haha. What do you mean your the girl?" I say. "Well I'm not saying that I'm obessed with them, but I did read an article talking about his new secret girlfriend! I can't believe it's you! I knew you were friends with Liam, but I didn't know Harry too" "Really well let me have a look!" I say. She pulls out her phone and goes to the article. The article reads "Harry styles from one direction spotted with new girlfriend. The two were seen snogging in front of her house." Oh my! My cheeks turn bright red. "Well is that you?" "Yes, but we were not snogging we just kissed." I saw getting redder by the minute. "Ok well I can't wait to meet him tonight." "Me too!" after that we leave we decide to go back to my place. When we arrive Liam is there. "Hey I was just about to call you" "Oh What's up?" I say. "Well I heard about your gig tonight, why didn't you invite me?" "I didn't think you be allowed to come." mumble "What?" "Nothing you can come if you like." I say. "Great I'll be there. " Liam gives me a hug and leaves. "Well this should be interesting, you'll have Liam and Harry there." Lillian says. "Yes very."
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