Always and forever

Elizabeth aka Liz was best friends with Liam since the beginning after a long two year tour she is hoping she can make something new out if the friendship. But when Liam returns problems make things hard than Liz expected. Will she get with Liam or will new love get in the way?


4. Chapter 4

I get up and head for the door. I can't believe she just said that to me. What does se mean I'll pay? I have to tell Liam, he'll believe me won't he? I don't know I just need to go. I call a cab and since Liam drove me here. It arrives and I tell it to go to Harry's flat. I text him in the car. "Do mind if I come over I need to talk to someone?" "Sure come right over!" I make it there and he is sitting outside waiting for me. "Hey Liz what's up?" "Can we go inside?" I say "Yeah sure." We walk inside and sit at the kitchen table. "Liz this is Lawrence my chef." "Hi." I say. "So what do want to talk about?" "Do you like Danielle Liam's girlfriend?" "She is alright not my type though, why?" "Well I was having a day with Liam and she called and asked if she could meet me, when I got there she was acting all nice but as soon as Liam left the room she got all mean." I say. "What do you mean?" "She told me to stay away from Liam or I'll pay!" I say "What! Are you serious?" "Yes, should I tell Liam, do you think he'll believe me?" I say. "He has to, you two are best friends right!" "Yeah I guess." I say. My phone vibrates and it's a text from Liam. "Hey are you ok, dani told me you had to go?" "Yeah I'm fine can I talk to you tonight?" i say. "Oh I'm sorry Liz, tonight's not a time good. Me and Danielle are going out." "Oh we'll okay bye." This is crazy she is taking me best friend away from me. "Well I guess I'm not hanging with Liam again!" "Well that's ok that just means more time with me!" Harry says giving me a cheeky smile. "I guess so." I say smiling back. " Me and lads are going out tonight to dinner you want to come?" Harry says. "Of course, who need one best friend when I can have four!" "Oh it won't be four for long only three, we won't be friends for long." he says. "Why not?" "Because of this." he kisses me. "Mhmmm we'll see, but it you keep that up we won't." i say. I stay at Harry's for awhile since I have nothing to do. We watch a couple movies and then I decide I need to go home to get ready. I leave and I'm like floating. I guess since Liam is on lock down I definatley won't be able to see if there is any hope for "us" and Harry is great. What the hell! Harry comes running to the door and yells out "Hey be ready at 7 okay, love" "Okay see ya." I call another cab and go home. It's 6:30 so I get ready. I walk in my room and i look at the dresses Liam bought me. I pick my second favorite. It's purple and short. Great! I hear honking outside and I go out. I get in the car and all the boys are there with there girlfriends. Louis and his girlfriend and Zayn and his. We arrive at the restaurant called "Place 69" really posh. "I'm glad I dressed up" I whisper to Harry. "Don't worry you look great!" I smile and we walk in. "Hey look there is Liam and Danielle." Niall says. Oh no. "Hello guys." Liam says "Hi Liz. " "Hi" I say. "How about we all get a table together." Zayn says "No!" Me Danielle, and Harry say at the same time. "Don't be silly c'mon." Liam says. We all sit down and of course I'm stuck sitting between Harry and Liam. I can tell danielle is not happy and trust me I'm not either!
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