Always and forever

Elizabeth aka Liz was best friends with Liam since the beginning after a long two year tour she is hoping she can make something new out if the friendship. But when Liam returns problems make things hard than Liz expected. Will she get with Liam or will new love get in the way?


15. Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Harry doesn't stay the night because he is busy tomorrow so he just drops me off. "Sorry I can't stay tonight" "it's okay" I kiss him and go inside. As soon as I hit the bed I fall alseep. I wake up the next morning and see that I have a text from Harry. "Sorry wish I could e with you today." I send him back "It's fine no worries" today I plan just to hang out with Lillian and maybe do a little shopping. I text Lillian and tell her to be ready in 10 mins because I'm on my way. I pick her up and we go to her favorite boutique. "Ahhh" she lets a big sign. "What's up?" "It feels so good to be home." I laugh and we look around. A hour later we leave with a hands full of bags. "That was very successful." Lillian says. We walk down the street and go inside another store. We walk in and I duck my head. "Liz what's the matter?" "Get down!" I say pulling we down. "What is it." I point to a group of girls and one of them is Danielle. "Oh, c'mon get its ok." She yanks me up and I hit my head on the table. Everyone in the store loos at me, including Danielle. They start walking toward us and I can see the hate in her eyes. "We'll if it isn't miss home wrecker! Where is Liam?" "I don't know. I'm dating Harry." I say. "Oh yeah that's right you have to have it all. Ugh move you really make me angry." Her and her friends push pass me and Lillian and out of the store. "Wow, you have the most interesting life ever! I mean." "Yeah it's great losing your best friend and gaining an enemy! Perfect." I say. "We'll at least you have Harry!" "Yeah that's the only bright side." After we go to lunch and then I drop her back off. "I had fun today, don't be stranger." She says as she leaves. Instead of going home I go to Harry's since he will be home soon. I lift the pot up and grab the spare key. I sit down and tell him to go to his house and not mine. He opens the door and kiss him. "Hi" I say "Wow maybe I should leave more often." He laughs. "No you shouldn't I missed you!" We sit down and he tells me about his day. "So how was yours?" He asks me. "Okay I guess." "Why I guess?" He says. "We'll I went shopping with Lillian and got a lot of cute stuff, but then we ran into Danielle and she was very rude!" "What'd she do?" He says. "We'll she came up to me and called me a home wrecker and other mean things." "Ahhh come here." I go and sit in his lap. "Do you want me to say something to Liam." "No no it's fine I don't want you two to have to deal with any trouble I'll talk to him." I say. "Okay." He kisses my hand. "Well I need to take a shower care to join me?" I laugh. "Nah, I think I'll sit this one out, but thanks." I say. "Ok your lost." He goes into the bathroom. I decide to call liam while he is in the shower. "Hello Liz." "Uh hi, Liam I need to talk to you about Danielle." I say. "What about her?" "Well today I saw her and she was very rude to me." I say. "I'm sorry Liz she is still a little upset." "I can tell. Can you just ask her to not talk to me." I say. "Yeah of course." "Okay well bye…" I say. "Wait, Liz. I really miss having you around. Do you think we could hang out this weekend. I promise I won't try anything." "Uh liam idk." I say. "C'mon Liz we're best friends, well we were." I picture him making the puppy dog face and I cave. "Okay, but Liam I swear there better be no funny business!" I say. "Okay I promise I'll see you this week." I hang up and Harry walks out and he looks so sexy. "Ahhhh!!! come here." I grab harry and kiss him.
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