Always and forever

Elizabeth aka Liz was best friends with Liam since the beginning after a long two year tour she is hoping she can make something new out if the friendship. But when Liam returns problems make things hard than Liz expected. Will she get with Liam or will new love get in the way?


10. Chapter 10:

Shit!" Liam says. We both jump off the bed. "You gotta go!" he whispers. "How?" He looks around. "Go in the closet!" "What no!" I say. He pushes me into the closet as Danielle coming up the stairs. "Liam!" "In the here!" he says. I open the door a little so I can see. "Hey, love." she says and walks up and kisses him. Uh this fires me up. "Hi, what are you doing here." "You say that like your not happy to see me." she grabs his waist. "No no of course not." she kisses him again. "Ok well I'm going to take a shower. Don't go anywhere." she leaves and goes into the bathroom. I get up and walk out of the closet. "C'mon hurry up. You gotta go." Liam says. He walks me down stairs and before I leave I turn around and kiss him. "Don't she could see you." he pulls away. "So, I'm tired of all this sneaking around." I snap back. "Well there's nothing I can do about that." "Yeah there is you can end it with her." I say. "No I can't your being unreasonable now c'mon you gotta go." "No, either end with her or this whatever this is, is over." I yell. "Liz don't do this." "Liam her or me!" I say. He stands there without saying anything. "Fine forget it." I close the door and leave. I have to call a cab because Liam drove me here. I go home and try to call Harry. We haven't talked much since the whole girlfriend thing, but maybe we can. "Hello" he picks up "Hi, um I know we haven't talked for a while but I was hoping we could hang out tonight." I say. "Yeah ok you want to go out? I can come get you." "Yeah great okay." I feel better knowing that he is not mad anymore. I here the car pull up and I go outside. "Hi!" I say. "Hello." I pull him in for a hug. "Hey listen I'm sorry for things being so weird between us." I say. "Don't worry about it we weren't ready to talk about that." We get in the car and head to the restaurant. We get there and of course there is paparazzi snapping pics. We hurry inside and get a table. We sit there for awhile without saying anything. After about 5 awkward minutes I say something. "I really like that jacket on you!" "Thanks. You look great too you always do." "Thanks. So what have you been up to?" I say. "Nothing much, been hanging out with the lads, but not much with Liam he always busy. It's weird because I know Danielle has rehearsals a lot the past weeks." oh no. "Yeah that is weird." I say. "I wonder what he is been up too. Do you know?" "Me no why would I know." I say trying to stay calm. "Oh I just thought you would know." things go back to being quiet. The server brings are food and we eat. "Let me try that" he says. "No way, get your own." I block his fork with mine. He laughs as we have a little fight. "Ok ok I give, here." I give him some and take some of his too. After we finish we go for a walk since the car is blocked with paparazzi. "I really did miss you though. I just felt kind of rejected and embarrassed." "I'm sorry. I never wanted that." I say. "It's fine. Boy it's chilly here take my jacket." Harry puts his jacket around me. "Uh thanks" I say. We find a bench and sit down. "So where do we stand." he says. I lay my head down on his shoulder "I don't know." I say. He turns his head to look at me. I can tell he wants to kiss me and he is about to go for it. He leans in but I back away. "Harry I can't." I say. He gets up. "Damn Liz what do you want from me. I can't do anything right when it comes to you." He was right since I basically ended this thing with Liam I had no reason to deny Harry. I get up and look at him. "I'm sorry." I say. "Just tell me me truth. That's all I want." "Okay will your going to want to sit down." I tell everything how I liked him but my feelings for Liam were coming in strong. How me and Liam secretly were seeing each other and how things went down today. "Wow that's a lot." "Yeah so now do you understand?" I ask. "Yes, but if you would have just told me this." "I know I should have." I say. I give a hug. He looks me in my eyes. "May I?" he says as he about to kiss me. I nod my head yes and I kiss him.
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