Tell me a lie

Kenzy Colon thought that her life was miserable
Abused by her step dad,
Mom alcoholic,
Brother died when she was 13,
All that didn't matter to her when she met Niall James Horan
She thought everything was perfect until one day his ex girlfriend
Megan Reed tries to pull them apart... Everything goes completely wrong.
Will Kenzy pull through an manage to still be with Niall ?


15. what did I do wrong?

Kenzy's P.O.V

I can't believe I was actually going to take him back. After him just yelling at me like that without me explaining and being so rude!?!? What was that about ?!?! All I know it that i'm done with Niall James Horan for good. I never want to see him again. I completely lost all feelings what so ever towards Niall.. What am I saying no I didn't hurt or not I still love him. But I need to stop. Suddenly  I had an idea I called Lindsey thank god she picked up!

"It's Lindsey!" She said with happiness

"Lindsey would you want to go to Karma tonight ?" I was hoping she would say yes..


"Ok I'm at starbucks pick me up here because I walked here so pick me up and lets get ready at your place alright ?"

"Ok witch one are you at?" I hesitated because I didn't even want to say his name but I didn't know the exact directions..

"The one closest to Niall's flat" I mumbled

"Ohk I'll be there in 10 mintues.."

"ohk see you then." I hang up and notice that I had a text message.. From Niall it said 'Kenzy please forgive me I was just mad please please please can we meet somewhere and talk again?' I had the urge to text back and tell him how I felt that I did wanted him back but I couldn't too much will power. I reply with 'I'm sorry Niall but you hurt me I can't I wish you a nice life and hope we can both move on if you havn't already... Bye.' he fast answered with a 'ok.....' After that my phone vibrated and it was Lindsey I didn't bother to pick up I instead walked outside and saw her car. I hop in and head to her house. As we were about to be at her house she asked

"so what happened with Niall?" I didn't want to answer because it brought me anger and tears so I said

"Can we talk about it later..."

"Umm yea sure!"

We pull into her drive way and got in her house. I went to my room to get ready I took a shower washed my hair and body I got out and put on a black strapless sparkley dress. It pushed my breast out so you could see a lot of clevege witch was appropriate considering I'm going to a club. Anyways I put on black stilettos I was trying to divide weather I should wear a blazer or not because it did show a lot of clevege meaning more than my liking And the dress was above my middle thigh. But I didn't because it would be to hot. Anyways I straitened my hair.. I was actually excited becausey hair went below my boob so that mean it grew. Anyways for makeup I put on eye liner with black eyeshadow for jewelry silver hoops with silver braclets. I looked my self in the mirror and snapped a picture I put it on Facebook saying 'Going clubbing tonight? I think yes(;' I forgot that I had Niall on Facebook so if he saw that it would be wired.. I got plenty of notifications from people liking my picture. Soon enough I had 37 likes and more to come. To top my look of I added clear lip gloss and sweet smelling perfume. I go downstairs to see Lindsey wearing a really short black pencil skirt with a white lace tank top that showed her clevege. Her light brown hair was straitened and she had red stilletos and her makeup was eyeliner with a line outside of her eye youvknow the Egyptian style with hoops and a neckless that almost went down to her belly button it was a heart and it said naughty but nice in cursive inside the heart. I told her we had to take a picture so we put the timer camera on and took pictures the one I put on twitter and Facebook were of us sticking our buts out and doing the call me sign aside our hips. I have to admit we looked pretty damn sexy!

"Alright ready to go?" Lindsey asked

"more ready then I'll ever be!" We hit the the road and ended up at Karma we got in pretty fast because I know a guy who works there. When we are inside I look over and see... Niall dancing with a girl clearly drunk as hell.

I look over too see a wasted Zayn. Damn that guy was sexy I mean really sexy. He was legit breath taking. So I decided to try and dance with him but I doubt it. I go nearly in front of him but yet kinda far to wear he was leaning against the wall watching girls dance to see the one he was taking home tonight. I dicided I wanted to be that girl. So I start to dance I'm not facing him so that way I'm he doesn't see my face just my bum. I kept dancing and I felt his eyes on me. All of the sudden I have a tap on my shoulder I turn around to see Zayn. I knew he recongnized me but he still asked

"Kenzy right ? Wanna dance?" I look at him them see Niall dancing with some chick that was really pretty so I decide I'm going to make somebody jealous tonight.. I reply with nod. I take his hand and gesture for him to come my way. We were not that close but close to Niall I knew he saw me and knew who I was. I put Zayn against the wall turn around grab his hands and put them on my hips.

He whispered in my ear "damn girl." I gave him a wink and continued dancing on him. I don't know but Zayn acted different. That night.

Niall's P.O.V 

I saw Kenzy dancing with Zayn and jealousy and anger filled my body. I knew Zayn thought she was hot but really dance with her after a big fight we had today? Not cool. I dicide to try and get back at her and make her jealous. I grab the girls hand went slightly near them but I knew she saw me. She was watching me with the corner of her eye. I think the girls name was Hannah. Anyways Hannah knew what she was doing definitely she was probley the one I would take home tonight. But what if Zayn took Kenzy home ? And what if they.. Never mind Niall you and her are over. As I start to dance with Hannah I know Kenzy is watching. I think it's working.

Zayn's P.O.V

Damn Kenzy definetly knows what she's doing. I know her and Niall just broke up but all I know is she is coming home with me tonight. She turns around from dancing on me. Looks e in the eye and we just stay like that. I know she is trying to make Niall jealous I just know. But I didn't mind. Anyways when she turned around and was looking me in the eye, something happened that we kissed but more like a make out session I pulled away and scowled at her. I was helping her make Niall jealous I whispered in her war saying

"I know what your doing." She looks at me confused I whisper in her ear again

"making Niall jealous? Don't worry I'll help. That girl he is with I was with her last time I came." She smiled at me and I signaled that Niall is looking I mean he was staring HARD. She knew what to do. I gently kiss her neck leaving hickeys and bite marks. I knew she liked it because she moaned. She did the same to me but instead of just my neck she tangled her finger in my hair looked me straight in the eyes then at my lips and she bit her lip. I did the same as well. She pulled me in the kiss and we were kissing passionately . And it felt amazing. I dicided to whisper in her ear.

"Coming home with me tonight?" She looked at me.and then whispered

"what makes you so sure?" She was being a tease. I looked at her and scowled again. She bit her lip and whispered in my ear

"I suppose." I replied saying

"Don't act like you don't want to..." She winked at me and told me she had to tell her friend she was leaving I waited for her at the same place we were both at. She found me again and I took her with me to tell the boys. i  told  them one by one and told Liam to tell Niall were I was if he asked. Liam nodded and we left. As we left we were hand in hand it felt right for no reason.

Niall's P.O.V

I saw Zayn walk out with Kenzy hand in hand guessing they were off to his place. I was pissed at the fact that she actually went with him after we just broke up and had a big fight. She looked stunning tonight though they way her hair was so straight and not to be a perv but her body looked magnificent in that dress the way her boobs were perfectly out there and her bum was just amazing. But sadly that isn't mine anymore. But thats fine because I have Hannah she is not nearly as gorgeous as Kenzy but she is quite beautiful. I take her home with me tonight and do our things..

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