Tell me a lie

Kenzy Colon thought that her life was miserable
Abused by her step dad,
Mom alcoholic,
Brother died when she was 13,
All that didn't matter to her when she met Niall James Horan
She thought everything was perfect until one day his ex girlfriend
Megan Reed tries to pull them apart... Everything goes completely wrong.
Will Kenzy pull through an manage to still be with Niall ?


12. Tears.

Niall's P.O.V 

I couldn't believe it I had lost my ONE and ONLY love, I would never EVER  hurt her. I spent the next few days sobbing, eating, and thinking about her. I couldn't help but wonder what she's doing. I hope she didn't go back to her Mom's house then i would've really lost it. I can't stand the fact that someone would hit her. I just couldn't even believe she wasn't mine anymore. 

***1 week later

After a week of just crying, eating and not even leaving my house or checking my twitter and my phone Idicided I would see what the other lads were up too. I think I should probley go out tonight and get my head off things. Things meaning Kenzy... I checked my phone and it had

9 missed calls 

3 From Liam 

1 From Louis 

2 From Harry

and 3 from Zayn.

A lot of text messeges saying

"Niall pick up your phone!!! we are worried sick!" from Liam

"NIALL ARE YOU OK!!!" from Louis

"Mate are you ok?!" from Zayn

"NIALL HORAN!?!?! ARE YOU OK?!" from Harry

After i was done reading everything from twitter and all those messeges there was a knock at the door.

Kenzy P.O.V

When I knocked at Niall's door my heart shrank because i used to be able just to walk in and say "Niall I'm home!" and he would say "Finally!" and run to me and kiss me. Oh how much i missed that. I heard unlatching at the door and just froze. The door opened and of course it was Niall. His eye were red and puffy and he was sniffling.

"Hi Niall I came to get the rest of my stuff." He seemed a bit disapointed

"Oh. Come in." he open the door for me and i went to the room i was once sleeping in. The room I felt safe in. I grabbed the rest of my stuff with the bad I had brought. It hurt me to see him crying. But after that one day. I just couldn't trust him anymore.

I looked at my wrist, that had red bloody scars. Yes I did I had... Cut myself..  I thought it was the only way to get my self out of it. I just didn't want to think of him. I knew it was bad to get back to were I was 1 year ago. 1 year ago I was hurting my self alot. scince you couldn't cut on top of scars,  I would wait 1 week tell my self  I wouldn't do it anymore and then as soon as i healed i would cut again.I walked out of the room with the rest of my stuff in the bag. When i walked past Niall he said "Bye." I could tell he cried while i was in the door because thee was still fresh tears on his cheek.

"Bye Niall." as he put his hand on the door knob to open the door, he looked at my wrist I could tell he saw my cuts, having the balls to say this

"Whats that on your wrist?"

I looked at him and gave him a look. And then he said

"Kenzy please don't tell me you-" I cut him off by saying

"Bye Niall." and opened the door and left. That was emmberassing.

Niall's P.O.V

I couldn't believe what I just saw. And it was because of me. Snapped out of it Niall it isn't your fault, you didn't do anything.! But I couldn't that image of the cuts out of my mind. this really wasn't happening.



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