Tell me a lie

Kenzy Colon thought that her life was miserable
Abused by her step dad,
Mom alcoholic,
Brother died when she was 13,
All that didn't matter to her when she met Niall James Horan
She thought everything was perfect until one day his ex girlfriend
Megan Reed tries to pull them apart... Everything goes completely wrong.
Will Kenzy pull through an manage to still be with Niall ?


23. Finding Out More.

Kenzy's P.O.V

 When we walk out of Harry's room, I kept the image of Harry's naked body in my mind. Damn that boy.. He is something. I notice that I shouldn't have that in mind because I had Zayn. Me and Zayn have been going out for about a week now, but still didn't ask me to his girlfriend. Im waiting Zayn...  It was about 2 o'clock in the morning. Me and the boys were'nt tired so we dicided to see if Eleanor and Danielle wanted to come over. Niall is inviting... Hannah. I didn't have a problem with her it's just I know she doesn't like me and i'm not sure if i'm going to take anymore of that. Despite   that it was 2 in the morning the boys new that they would be up and in no less then 15 minutes Hannah, Eleanor and, Danielle were at the house I said hi to Eleanor and Danielle but I didn't even look at Hannah. We dicided to watch 'Grown Ups' -The Adam Sandler movie- I made the popcorn and Niall got the drinks. Me and Zayn cuddled together. And so did Louis and Eleanor. Danielle and Liam were too. Hannah was sitting on Niall's lap, And got comfortable. I noticed that everytime me and Zayn kissed during the movie Hannah would give my the dirtiest look. At this point I realy wanted to punch a bitch in the mouth. But I contained my self for Niall's sake because me and him despite what happened in the past, we are really getting along really good and I don't want to ruin that. The movie was over and we were all hungry we sat in the kitchen re-playin gall the funny parts in the movie "Remember when he got the arrow in his foot. That was hilarious!" Niall blurted out so loud i shushed him too remind him that Harry and Lindsey were sleeping. he nodded and they talked quieter. Everything was going fine till HANNAH asked Niall... "Babe i'm curious you never told me what happened between you and Kenzy." I knew she did that too ruin the mood because she didn't like me and she wanted to add shit to my life. "Is that any of you rbuisness?!" I snapped at her. "Well he is mine now so umm yea I think so, After all I can't see why he would date you in the in the first place you barley have any boobs or ass, I'm glad he decided to get with this." She crossed the line. I always had a problem with people making fun of my body because I was so skinny. According to my old high school and middle school. "HEY! You better say you r freaking sorry! Or your going to get it.BAD." I looked back and saw a half naked Lindsey. She was heated if you wake her up from her sleep there is nothing stopping her from kicking your ass. "Oh really? Hun i'm just getting started, and who exactly are you? Another skank with Harry? Don't worry sweetie you are NOT here to stay." She said with a smirk on her face. "OH HELL NO. BITCH DON'T MAKE ME GO GHETTO UP IN THIS!" Lindsey said with complete fire in her eyes. The boys were quiet the whole time, probley in complete shock of what was going on. Hannah laughed and Lindsey got so close to her that there noses were almost touching. "You better get your shit straight or get the FUCK out this ouse.. you fucking woke me up in the middle of my sleep and i will NOT deal with you, Now you either get the fuck out or your really going to get it. Don't make me go ape on your punk ass hoeish self.!" Hannah laughed to her self backed up and smacked the shit outta of Lindsey's face. The thing was that Lindsey had surgery in her left cheek and if any hard pressure was put on it it can knock her out. Don't ask why thats what the doctor said. Well that  pressure was pretty hard and there she lay on the floor knocked out. I had enough of this shit i'm done as soon as Hannah turns around to Niall I turn her around and  decked that bitch in the face. She falls on the floor and I tackled her and punched her in the face I uper-cut that bitch. It felt SO GOOD. Niall and Zayn pull me off her and I yell "LET ME THE FUCK GO I'M NOT DONE WITH THE BITCH YOU DO NOT KNOCK OUT MY BEST FRIEND AND GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT.!!!" A worried Harry rushed to Lindsey's side you could tell he just woke up because his eyes were red and squinty. When Niall let go of my to go to a now bleeding Hannah, I was hurt.. I really can't believe he would choose that bitch instead of me. I yelled "Niall how would you go to that fucking bitch after she made fun of me mad fun of Lindsey and Fucking knocked her out.!" Niall replied with "Because what she said it's all true. You don't have a fucking body or shit all you have is your pretty face. Now get the FUCK away from here NOW!" I get out of Zayn's grip and run striaght to the bathroom and lock my self in it. I could hear Zayn and Niall yelling at eachother, and Eleanor and Daniella banging on the bathroom door. "Kenzy! Kenzy!" come out of there!! Lindsey is going to the hospital and she needs you! please come out!!" I just collapse in the floor and ball my eyes out. I had an idea in my head. I look at the cabinet under the sink and see razors. I could hear the ambulance for Lindsey and Liam Louis Eleanor and Danielle leave with it. Niall and Zayn are still going at it, but at this point I don't care what Niall said to me broke my heart. How could he say that ? He knows what happened to me when I was in High school and all the shit I've been through and he fucking said that. I'm just broken and hurt. I grab the razor and made about 10 deep painful cups up my arms both of them. I sat there crying and eventually drifted off to sleep.

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