Tell me a lie

Kenzy Colon thought that her life was miserable
Abused by her step dad,
Mom alcoholic,
Brother died when she was 13,
All that didn't matter to her when she met Niall James Horan
She thought everything was perfect until one day his ex girlfriend
Megan Reed tries to pull them apart... Everything goes completely wrong.
Will Kenzy pull through an manage to still be with Niall ?


17. Feelings...

 Kenzy's P.O.V

I woke up still in Zayn's arms.  

"Good morning gorgeous!" i smiled at that..

"Mooorning." i said with glee.

"You hungry?" he asked me..

"A little." he lets go of my body and gets out of bed.

"Then lets go get you some food. shall we?" i sit up myself and say

"Mhm.." i go down stairs with the oversized t-shirt he let me use and he threw on some sweats. We went downstair to see Lindsey and Harry eating cereal. Lindsey looks at me like 'What are you doing here?' I just smile at her.

"I see you and Lindsey know eachother?" Harry ask me.

"Mhm that my best friend.." i mumble but chuckle at the same time.

"Really? wow what a coincidence.." He laughs.

"Want some pancakes?" Zayn ask me.

"Yes please." I reply  

"Me 2!" both Harry amd Lindsey say at the same time. they laugh. As Zayn makes the mix he gives it too me and i cook them.

"Mmm a girl that can cook! I like that." he whispers at me i just smirk at him. While im cooking I feel warm and strong arms wrap around my waist.. of course its Zayn. He gives me a kiss on the cheek while i blush.

"Ooo Zayn has a crush!" Harry ses.

"shut up!" Zayn ses playfully.

"Kenzy has a crush too."

"Lindsey!"  Harry and her giggle to them selves. Did I have a crush on Zayn? All i know is I have feelings that fill me up inside when im near him.. Did he feel the same way ?

"Pancakes are ready!" Zayn, Harry, and Lindsey all cheer as i serve them some.

"Were are all the other boys?" Lindsey asked.

"Probley sleeping" Zayn replies for her. She nods and eats her pancakes.

"Zayn what time do I have to go home?"  

"Do you have to go home?" he winks at me.

"Hmmm if Lindsey stays i'll stay." i say looking at her Harry ses

"Yea Lindsey you should stay." He winks at her and she blushes.

"Why not!" Zayn and Harry cheer and then Harry comes up with an idea

"We should go out today." Zayn adds

"Yea how bout we go to the movies!" Then i add

"Sure that sounds fun, but me and lindsey have to go home first and get clothes."

"Well finish your breakfast get dressed and me and Zayn will get ready while you two doo. And we'll call you around 1?"

It was around 11:30 now so me and Lindsey nod and head to put some actual clothes on. I give Zayn my number and we leave.

When we get to Lindsey's apartment i go to my bag and pick out White shorts with a shirt that hangs over my shoulder thats turquoise and it said born to be wild in thunder print and gold sandals. for my hair I washed it and scrunched meaning i put mouse in it and pulled my bangs up in a hump. for makeup i re-applied my eyeliner and no eye shadow with light pink lip gloss.

I went down stairs and Lindsey was wereing Jean shorts that were ripped a white tanktop with a dark pink cardigan. for her shoes she was wereing her black vans. her hair was pin striaght and she had a little bit of eye liner with clear lip gloss. I could say we both looked decent enough for Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. I don't know why but ever scince I met Niall i became a huge fan of One Direction. My favorite song is Stole My Heart that song.. OMG. anyways I get a call from Zayn give him and Harry the directions to Lindsey apartment and I hang up waiting for them. I took a picture and of me and Lindsey making duck face and i put it on facebook the caption was 'Out(: with them<3' and I uploaded it i got tons of likes on it too. Me and Lindsey wait on the couch for Zayn and Harry.


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