Tell me a lie

Kenzy Colon thought that her life was miserable
Abused by her step dad,
Mom alcoholic,
Brother died when she was 13,
All that didn't matter to her when she met Niall James Horan
She thought everything was perfect until one day his ex girlfriend
Megan Reed tries to pull them apart... Everything goes completely wrong.
Will Kenzy pull through an manage to still be with Niall ?



Nialls P.O.V

"Sorry bout that the boys do tend to ask alot of questions and asume things," i said trying not to seem to awkward.

"Oh no its fine i did'nt mind... But one question?"

"Yes love?"

"Are we dating?"  she said with a confused look on her face. There was a weird silence. But then i asked myself are we dating?... I said the most stupidest reply.

"I dont know are we?" She just sat there and looked at me with a annoyed look. She just then looked away and sighed. I felt bad i know she wanted a real answer but what was I supposed to tell her? We only went on one date. I looked at her then said...

"Do you want to go out, I mean however we only went on one date you know like i didnt want to take it too fast I would not mind being your boyfriend and calling you mine and all bu-" I was interuppted by her smashing her lips on to mine. Of course I kissed back. She pulled away and said.

"It's fine you dont have to give me a lecture about it," she then giggle her adorable giggle. I was still in shock that she had kissed me, so lost in her gorgeous grey eyes. I had to ask her this question just dont ask why. I whispered to her..

"Will you be mine?" she looked at me straight in the eyes and said..

"Yes Niall James Horan, i will be yours. But will you be mine?" I could'nt help but smile the most foolish smile, because she asked me to be hers.

"Yes Kenzy Colon i'll be yours," we shared a passionate kiss before i started the car and drove off.

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