Tell me a lie

Kenzy Colon thought that her life was miserable
Abused by her step dad,
Mom alcoholic,
Brother died when she was 13,
All that didn't matter to her when she met Niall James Horan
She thought everything was perfect until one day his ex girlfriend
Megan Reed tries to pull them apart... Everything goes completely wrong.
Will Kenzy pull through an manage to still be with Niall ?


16. All this right moves.


Kenzy's P.O.V

When we got to Zayn's flat, he immediately locked the door and pushed ma against the wall. We were so close that our bodies were pressed together and our foreheads were touching along with our noses. He smiled in between the kiss and so did I. After a while I jumped on him and he was holding into me by my bum and thigh and my arms wrapped around him neck. After about two minutes of just staying like that he put me down but lifts we up again wedding style. He brings me up to his room and threw me one the bed. While I'm laying on my back, he places himself on top of me kissing me passionately. He slides my dress of and I kick it off by my ankles along with my heels. I wasn't wereing a bra so he didn't have to worry about that but the only thing in his way were my underwear. It was hot pink lace and in the front it said tease me but it was a thong in the back. He laughed at my underwear because I knew what he wanted to do. As he put himself on top of me again we are having another make out session. This time he is rubbing my thighs witch is getting me even more turned on. I get on the other side of him and push him down on his back. I whisper "your turn." As I wink at him. I slide off his pants he sits up and we start to make out again but interrupted by me pulling his shirt off he gets on the opposite side of me and lays me down on the bed. He kisses my lips and whispers

"I'll take care of you." I smirk at that and he continues he goes lower with his lips he goes from my jaw line to my neck from my neck to my collar bone from my collar bone to my breast from my breast to my stomach my stomach to my hips. He stops there looks up at me and smiles. He skips my Clint and spreads my legs and kisses my inner thigh and goes up. He skips my Clint again and kisses my hip. My underwear is still on so he takes them off with his teeth.

"Stop being a tease Zayn. Just do it!" I groan.

"As you wish." He puts himself on top of me looked me in the eye and with no warning thrust himself into me. I moan and dig my nails in his back. He is still thrusting him self in and out in and out. Me moaning even louder each time. He does it harder and faster so I gasp. He chuckles and keeps going. We are both about to reach our climax. He whispers in my ear

"damn Kenzy why so tight ?" I give him a look and he giggles.. Suddenly we both reach our climax. He takes him self out of me and rolls over both of us out of breath. He looks at me and ses

"you know how to make a guy want you don't you." He wimpers I whisper back saying "Maybe." I wink at him. I yawn and stretch out.

"Tired much?" He asked me.

I manage to say "mhm."

"Me too." I turn to my side and feel strong arms wrap around my naked skin. I fall asleep with Zayn.

***hours later

We both wake up to strange noises. We look at each other and laugh knowing that its the other boys.

"We should snoop!" He whisper to me. I nod as I get up and he Hands me a oversized shirt that's his and my underwear I out it on and the shirt falls right above my thighs. I put on my underwear and he put on boxers.

"Let's go."

We head to one room and hear "LOUIS! Harder! Faster!" And then noises.. noises meaning moans. we both laugh knowing that it's him and Eleanor.. I begin to wonder why they are hear when we turn to go the next door I ask Zayn

"Do they live here ?"

"Oh no they don't my place is just closer to Karma so they stay here when we go there." I nod and we walk to the next door and hear moaning not hard moaning but moaning like your actually making sweet love. I peek under the door and see to my surprise Lindsey on the bed with wait what Harry?!?! I whisper to myself

"damn get it Lindsey!"

Zayn then asked "who?" I chuckle to my self and say

"the one that Harry is making love to in there thats  my best friend." We both laugh and go to the next door.

All we hear is "Mmm Liam Harder babe!"

And Liam answer with "Damn Danielle your so tight!" I laugh hysterically and so does Zayn. Both of us out of breath because of laughing. We move to the next door knowing its Niall. Zayn looks at me with a are you sure look. And I just nod. When we press our ears to the door all I Hear is the girl moan Niall's name and Niall replied with

"Damn Hannah who made you this wet ?" We both laugh. But for some reason I don't feel jealousy. I think it's because I'm starting to grow feelings for Zayn.. Could it be? Me and Zayn get water and go back to bed. I cuddle with my body pressed against his his arms wrapped around me. I could get used to this.

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