Before the end

Emily jones was a 14 year old girl living in London with her mother, father, older sister Carla, her older brother Richard, her younger brother Michael, and younger sister Mia.
emily told her story , how she lived and how everything ended


7. OAK

Then we had dinner , all the food was amazing, then we went to bed, i was happy but nervous

~AT 7:30~

heard a voice saying. girls wake up , then I realized it was one of the girls who took care of us
I was very tired but i stood up, and went to take a shower and then i made my bed.
I was wearing the school uniform. and finally at 8:00 we went to pray at the chapel. The we had
Breakfast, i was starving , so i ate, a lot of bread and cirial, and we went to classes ! I was having a good time , i was with july in all the classes !
Then we had lunch and after lunch the , clinics , chose, horse riding abs irish dancing,, but the first week was irish dancing ! I was happy, then after the clinics we took a shower and we went to mass, the we had dinner, and we made the homework,after homework, freetime,and then prepared for bed ! And we had a few minutes to talk with our friends , nicole was in another room but i was with nora , and then we went to sleep,
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