Before the end

Emily jones was a 14 year old girl living in London with her mother, father, older sister Carla, her older brother Richard, her younger brother Michael, and younger sister Mia.
emily told her story , how she lived and how everything ended


2. My life


Hi ! My name was emily,emily jones , I used to call emily,I remember when I was six, my sister Carla, she went to OAK international academy for girls in Wicklow Ireland , she was ten years older than me,when she left, I remember telling my mom that I wanted to go to OAK
and my mom told me,I was going to go when I had 13 or 14,I had a beautiful childhood,remember when traveling to Dallas, and skate for the first time, I was afraid but carla helped me,I was seven
Richard was five, michael and mia were a year , I remember how I felt when my skates hit the ice for the first time,was something new and different, travel to many places and countries,I really enjoyed that time with my family. I had my first boyfriend at thirteen, was louis, (it was not, Louis Tomlinson), he was at my school!He was very sweet, actually never finished, only we have not seen because I went to Oak,He was a year older than me, He gave me my first kiss and I gave him his first kiss,was really adorable.
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