Before the end

Emily jones was a 14 year old girl living in London with her mother, father, older sister Carla, her older brother Richard, her younger brother Michael, and younger sister Mia.
emily told her story , how she lived and how everything ended


3. Everything starts

My family and i , we were going, traveling to Spain and then to different parts of europe
MOM: hey guys already have everything ready?
ME: Almost
DAD: fine , Carla hurry 're the one missing !!!!
MICHAEL : yes hurry
CARLA fine ,i'm ready
MOM: ok
We all went in to the car ! My mom and dad in th front , michael and mia in the middle and me carla and richard at the the back , I was listening to music with headphones, caral was texting with her brother,richard was texting with her girlfriend, mia and michael were waching a film
"toy story" That reminded me of liam,


were waiting at the arrival of the flight, when a guy came and sat next to me was a guy with blue eyes and brown hair, was very handsome, he was a directioner boy !! I know he was, because he had a book of ONE DIRECTION .
the boy turned and said : hi how are you ???
ME: fine and you ??
HE : fine , i'm dominic . His name was dominic <3
ME :i'm emily
DOMINIC : so are you a DIRECTIONER ???
ME: yes !!! I love them!!
DOMINIC : Me too , i mean , i'm a DIRECTIONER
we were talking, when the fight arrived
ME : i have to go
DOMINIC : me too
ME: are you going to spain ?
DOMINIC : yes and you ?
ME: yes

We take the flight and sat together, talked all the way then he had to go and I also, the weeks went by very quickly, and we had already traveled many places, when we got to Switzerland
I was very happy was walking very distracted when colliding with a guy
He looked very cute !! and then he said
Oh sorry !! Are you okay ??
ME : yes do not worry i'm fine
-I'm joel. He said
ME: i'm emily
JOEL: where are you from ?
ME: london and you ?
JOEL: me too !!!! How old are you ?
ME: i'm 13 almost 14 and you ??
JOEL: 14

we started talking and then came his brother

JOEL : hey severin how are you ?
SEVERIN : fine
JOEL: she's emily
SEVERIN: hey emily how are you ??
ME : fine and you ?
SEVERIN : fine
SEVERIN : joel we gotta go, mom calls you
JOEL : fine , hey emily We can see at 6:30 in the restaurant? I need you to meet some friends
ME : sure ,
went with his brother and I went to my room , i knocked the door , carla opened the door
mia was there watching TV with carla,


I was there waiting for joel and his friends , Then all came
JOEL : hey they are my friends he's philipe and dominic
ME: hey
DOMINIC : hey how are you ?? Emily
JOEL : Alteady knew ??
ME: yes at the airport

then we became all good friend !!

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