Before the end

Emily jones was a 14 year old girl living in London with her mother, father, older sister Carla, her older brother Richard, her younger brother Michael, and younger sister Mia.
emily told her story , how she lived and how everything ended


9. A surprise with niall


was a beautiful day, and the best, it was Sunday, we were going to Dublin to learn more about the city, and also for shopping,

we woke up at 9:00 in the morning, then i went to the bathroom after 20 i get ready , i dressed with red trousers , a white blouse and my 1D hoodie , Then I went to the chapel Because we were going to have Mass at 10:00

~at 11:00~

After mass we went to breakfast Then walk down the hall to get to the stairs, I just thought niall, and at the time we spent together, when I get to my room my friends were grabbing their backpacks, I opened my closet door and take my bag and went out with my friend nicole,were walking in the garden waiting for the bus, we sat on the grass and suddenly came nora, lucy, rachel and marie-ane and then the bus arrive i sat beside nora , rachel and nicole were behinde us and lucy were with mrie-anne , nora nora wore 1D disk so we listened to one direction all the way down to dublin, when we arrive we went to a park ans suddenly i recived a message , was from niall , I could not believe, and it said: HEY EMILY <3 I'M NIALL I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I MISS YOU AND THAT THE OTHER THEY I HAD A GREAT TIME WITH YOU LAST DAY SO.... would you like to come with me today at 2:00 at nando's so we can chat???? Please answer LOVE . NIALL <333

When i read the message i , I sent him the answer : sure!!!! See you there :) <3

Then everything was perfect I escape from the group and went with niall, was walking until i get to Nando's .


was excited to see Emily, I think she was the perfect girl, suddenly saw her go with her beautiful curly hair and beautiful brown eyes , i walk toward her, she smiled, and i said .....
-hi emil's how are you and the i hug her and she said -hi niall i'm fine and you - fine so.... Come with me , - where we go?? She ask -i have a surprise for you - okay so ..lest go
- okay then after a few minutes we arrive to a beautiful park


So what are we doing here ??? - just wait a minute - okay said ,
Then hear a guitar and vocals was one direction !! The band !!!! The five of them were singing ONE THING. I could not stop smiling all five were beautiful and niall was very special , because he did this just for me . when finished singing, I ran to hug niall,he gave me a kiss on the cheek i was very happy and everybody was taking some pictures , then he hold my hand and we went to walk in grafton street , after some hours i had to go !!! Then whe i just arrive to the bus i told to my friends what happened with niall , and harry,louis,zayn,liam,the song and everything , they were very exited , then we arrive to the academy and have dinner ! After dinner we had to prepare for bed so i went to the bathroom and dressed my pajamas , after some minutes ! We sleep


I woke up at 7:00 i walked in to the bathroom and took a shower then i dressed with the uniform and went to mass after mass breakfast and then morning assembly when i was walking in to the classroom i was thinking in niall and the song , BREAK!!!!! Was 11:05 so that means that was the break i walked with lucy and marie-anne because we were in the same classes , rachel nicole and nora were in other classroom .

Then BREAK was over so we went to other class ! And all the time i was just thinking in niall! After that class ! Was time for the other break i went to my room and took my phone ! I had i call!!! So i answer ! Was niall,HI -HI NIALL HOW ARE YOU ??? I'M FINE BUT I WANT TO ASK YOU SOMETHING ....-YES ...ASK ME.....SO ....WHERE CAN WE HAVE A CHAT NEXT WEEKEND ???? I THINK IN THE BIG PARK ON SATURDAY! FINE SO SEE YOU THERE EMIL'S OKAY NIALL SEE YOU
Wow that was amazing and the break was over again but it was misding just one class for lunch :D

We sat to eat lunch i was very hungry when we finish i went to class again .


We had to prepare for clinics i had IRISH DANCING so i was very happy then after the class i went to showes i dressed with my pants and a shirt ! Because was tea time i had a chat with my friends about niall and the we had study hall ! So we made the homework when i resive a tweet in my phone is the picture of yesterday !!!!!! I told to nicole ! But then one of the teachers was around so i had to leave my phone there ! After a few minutes was time for bed so i was walking in to the bathroom so i could change! Then i got my pajamas so i went to my room with my friends !
Nicole and nerea were reading ! Rachel and marie-anne were talking and lucy was listening to music so the i decide to read my favorite boom PROBABILITY OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT then a madgirl came and said lights out and she cloosed the door.
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