Before the end

Emily jones was a 14 year old girl living in London with her mother, father, older sister Carla, her older brother Richard, her younger brother Michael, and younger sister Mia.
emily told her story , how she lived and how everything ended


1. Saying goodbye

Beep,beeep,beeeep,beeeeeeeeeep I opened my eyes and saw my mom crying, my sister Carla cried along with her, Richard was carrying my younger sister Mia niall held my hand and my dad hugged michael, everyone was very sad I only saw crying , did not realize that I was awake?
the doctor came running along with a nurse, He grabbed my hand, took my heart pulse and said
-She'se dead
I WAS DEAD ??????? BUT WHY ???
and in that moment, everything came back to my memory . I remembered every detail of my life
the doctor told everyone who was there
-this is the time to say goodbye
my mom started to cry and mourn , everyone was crying
-could go all out. I need to say goodbye to my daughter , she said as she cried.
Everyone nodded and went mom sat at the chair beside the hospital bed and said
- i love you I love you, you were my second child, and I always loved and will continue to do, because there will never be another child like you, I will always have those memories with you laughter, sadness, happiness always in my heart . she stood and walked to the bedroom door
Then my father came in, took my hand and said,- always be with us because we love you and we would do anything because you were here, maybe missed many things to live but will live forever in our hearts. All had already fired me, and it was the turn of niall
-emily i love you (he took my hand )
You were the first girl I call as my princess and you'll always be the one, no one else is going to be my princess, but you, I love you and I wish you were here with me
All those times we spent together, I will never forget all those photographs taken will be with me as to the treasure and all the times we spent will be in my heart , All that time you will be in my heart, never forget you i love you princess , leaned over and gave me one last kiss on the lips


This could not be happening, my girlfriend, my princess, my Emily had died , my heart was broken, after all we had been through together, all those happy moments with her,she was no longer with me I gave all my love, my kisses, my hugs , everything had been for her, but those moments were not going to ever return. We sat there a few hours, little by little , everyone was realising what was going on
Directioners fans publishing things in twitter things like : We will miss you emily !
We love you , or also niall be strong ! Or something like that , some directioners were very sad
when the boys found out,that Emily had died, came to me and hugged me.
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