Justin's New Sister


I'm ______ (that means your name!)

My life isn't so good.

First off my whole family is gone and it's all my fault!

Second I live in an orphanage for five years.

Third I fall in love with my new brother.

I know complicated.

It gets worse!

Just sit back and listen to this story about my life... as Justin Bieber's sister.


1. Leaving


I watched as Tara signed a huge packet saying that basically she couldn't take me anymore.

"Sweetie please talk to me." Tara said in her soft voice.

I shook my head.

"Sweetie you know I love you and I always will," She started.

"Then why are you giving up on me so easily?" I said.

Tara sighed.

"Sweetie I'm not giving up on you. You've given up on any kind of family that wants you. It's been five years it's not like you're going to find a perfect family like yours used to be." She said.

I sighed.

"Yeah but maybe you should think twice about telling someone that I have never met before that she could adopt me." I said.

"You've basically told every couple you've ever met that you hate them." Tara said.

She was right there... I had sabotaged over 100 interveiws to get me adopted.

There was always something about the couples.

Not enough money for me, hated their happy attitude, wanting to change my name, and the worst... they were perfect.

My family... my real family we were happy.

We had three dogs and my kitten.

I had everything. The family, the clothes, the phone, the perfect everything.

I always look back at that day and cry.

I will never let anyone tell me it wasn't my fault because it was.

"I decided that after you glueing the last couples pants to the chair -which was my best work by far pretty childish though- that you no longer need to see the people wanting to adopt you." Tara said.

"This is in no way fair at all!"I growled.

"Pack your things and say bye to the girls I'm bringing you to the airport tomorrow." Tara said.

She had her serious voice that I would never dare to have attitude back at.

I got out of my chair and left the dining room. I climbed the stairs to my room that I shared with a five year old, a sixteen year old, and a seventeen year old.

I'm gonna be eighteen in a year.

When you turn eighteen you can legally leave the orphanage.

If only I could just hold off until next February. (If your birthday isn't in February pretend)

I saw all the girls circled around the room. I wasn't in the mood to talk and they knew that. As soon as I got into the room they each bursted into tears.

I kept my eyes free from tears because I would need them tonight.

I didn't know the family.

All I knew was that the mother's name is Pattie and she has a son named Justin who turned eighteen in March.

I knew that Pattie is devorced and she wanted a daughter.

Justin has a half brother and sister that visit him a lot.

I also know that Justin is a singer.

Not a good one since I've never heard of him.

I began packing my stuff into my suitcases. My few clothes that I've collected over the last five years that could actually fit me.

I've been without the right amount of anything for years.

What I had when I came here doesn't fit me anymore.

I was thirteen.

I remember being thirteen years old.

I used to be happy all the time.

I used to love my life as a rich girl who had everything.

I had a older sister Taylor and two little brothers Caleb and Anthony.


My mom was preagnant with a new little girl.

I took care of the twins and when the time was to come I would take care of the new baby.

That time never came...

I felt tears starting to slowly roll down my face.

I whiped them away but it was too late I was being hugged by all the girls.

"Can I be alone?" I asked.

They each left the room.

I never spoke to them anymore I've gone through too many room mates to get too close to any.

I can't have friends.

I lose them too.

At the orphanage we get home schooled by Tara and an assistant that I've seemed to get along with.

I said bye to her yesterday.

I would say bye to my roommates tonight before I leave.

And Tara I don't know when I plan on saying bye to her.

I'm still angry with her.

I finished packing what little I did have and put my bag down. I went to my bed in the corner and sat down. I grabbed my headphones and plugged them into my phone.

I started blasting music into my ears.

When dinner was called I decided to skip.

I emptied the last of my drawers while everyone was downstairs.

I wasn't sleeping much tonight. I'd be leaving at 2 AM.

I had a flight to Los Angeles in at 2:30.

It takes about fifteen minutes to get to the airport and I know it takes a while to get into the airport.

I just sat on my bed all night just waiting for 2 AM to roll around.

I thought about my years here and cried.

I gave myself a few minutes to calm down then Tara came to the room.

My roommates were up.

I said goodbye to them gave them kisses on their cheeks.
Held them as they cried over my shoulder.

I would never see them again.

When I was done with that Tara and I left in a little car.

I packed my things in the car and got in.

I buckled my seatbelt and waited for Tara.

"Are you ready?" Tara asked.

I sighed.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked.

She said nothing and started the car.

This is gonna be a long ride. I thought as she backed away from the orphanage.
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