Faded Shadows

A village on an island, oh it was amazing. It wasnt even on a map, but it didnt stop Maggie from going there. She will finall find her fate there, escaping to a paradise trap,where she will think twice. She will find out about the secrets of the island, but will she survive?


3. The Mystery

It had only been 2 days and that worker has been hanging out with Maggie everyday." So, "WORKER", what is your name?" The worker was puzzled. She didnt know?, she wondered. "Et Tamiri!" Tamiri was angry. "Im so sorry Tamiri, I just wanted to know." Maggie sighed. She had been hoping she would meet a friend, but Tamiri should be thrown in the garbage. After she said sorry, Tamiri told Maggie about the island's Mystery." He i land et call Masterio. et hav a secet, peol dissapear ofen so be caful!" She started shaking, like something was putting it on a spell." TAMIRI!" The oil lamps went out. Tamiri's body had dissapeared. Everything....was...quiet.....for now.

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