Faded Shadows

A village on an island, oh it was amazing. It wasnt even on a map, but it didnt stop Maggie from going there. She will finall find her fate there, escaping to a paradise trap,where she will think twice. She will find out about the secrets of the island, but will she survive?


2. Motel Blues

Day 2 (waking up on the plane)

As I woke up, they gave us a biscut and threw us off the plane, but not really, just a metaphor. Paris was more of a colored movie, with beautiful colors, but this island was the twilight zone, just more boring. There were peddlers selling bracelets with beads on them. They were decent, but not our regular jewlery. They had a tall building near by, so i thought it was a hotel. Lets just pray that it is.



Maggie walked some paces before she came up to it. It wasnt fancy at all, more of a giant leaf pile. Maggie walked up to the building. The door made a creek noise. 

 noise. It was pitch black: exect for the lit up oil lamps. A tired worker stood at the front desk. It had wood pinned to the front of her shirt." Oh! Ooh ma be american!" Her smile was more terrible that the food." Um, yes. How did you know?" She was very shy. Talking to a crazy old woman mde her nervous, even her smile."OOh ook ike et! Sa Ooh wa a roo?" Her voice was like a one year old. Maggie could tell this island knew english, just not the right one.

Day 2 (continued)

So while I was there, I figured out the English they knew!

Ooh= you

ma= must

ook= look

ike= like

et= it

sa= so

wa= want

roo= room

Now everything makes more sense! Right? Um i really need an answer!


The worker showed her to her room."EJoy!" she said. She gave her a key, which was really a nail. She put it in the hole, and she turned. That staw door did indeed open!


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