Your Auddition

Rated T
Characters You Zayn Liam Harry Louis and Niall


2. The Crash

" um, ok!" You say. Then you think to yourself, one direction wants to meet ME! You follow the man in the black suite. He was a very muscular bald guy about in his early 30's. as he leads you to the room you see their door for their dressing room. One Direction. As he opens he door for you you see all the boys sitting around being themselves. Liam sees that you came in and gets up. "Hello" he says shaking your hand you say hello back and shake his hand politely. You realize why in the world do they want me? So you politely ask " um, so I hear that you wanted to speak with me?" You say shifting back and forth on your heels. "Oh right!" Zayn says standing up. "There was this contest for the contestant that wows us the most can have a day with us!" Zayn says. "So we called you here because you wowed us the most!" Louis says putting an arm around your shoulder. "Wow! Really?!" You ask. You tried your best not to faint because these are like he hottest boys on the planet! " yes and um I'm hoping that uh to would like to do so. " Harry says in his sexy slow accent. "How could I resist!" You say smiling. You guys talk until it was time to leave. "So I'll see you tommorow. " Niall says. And you did. You spent the whole day with them. It was amazing! And you got all their phone numbers too! As the competition went on you we're doing we'll. it came to the final 3. But then you get a call. Yo read who it's from. It says Manchester hospital. You look at it worried and pick up right away. "Hello?" You ask. "Yes hello, is this y/n?" You start to get worried. "Yes.." "Well your mother was in a terrible car crash and we would like you to come. And I'm sorry to say this but, there is a small chance of her making it through.." Your heart stopped. " um.. A-alright I'll be there soon" you say. You end the call and rush out of the X Factor house. You drive over to he hospital as fast as you could. You burst in the doors. A nurse tells you to go to room 23A. You do. " m-mom?" You ask opening the door. "Y/n?" She asks you look dead at her and start to cry. You run to her bed and hold her hand. "Sweetie, listen to me. I love you no matter what and I am so proud of you getting this far." She says you can feel her slipping away. "Mom don't say that!" You say crying. A nurse walks in and says " it's time" you look at her "time for what?" You ask "I'm sorry honey. She won't make this. He crash erupted her ribcage and punctured her lungs. " the nurse says putting an arm around your shoulder. "MOM!" You yell as you heard the heart monitor beep faster and faster. Then it was a long beep that never stopped. You realize what just happened and drop to your knees. "MOM!" You yell again. The nurse gives you time alone and then you leave. You drive to your house and sit in he driveway. You pull it your phone and start to cry as you make this text;

To: Harry
From: y/n
Subject: I can't...

I'm so sorry Harry. Please tell th people at X factor that I can't do this competition anymore. Please do that for me. I'm sorry..

As you press send you let the tears pour down your face and you in into your house. Shortly after there's a knock at your door. You go downstairs and open he door. You see Harry standing there...

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