Imagine -Niall Horan-

Rated T K+
Characters You and Niall


1. I'm Coming Home

Today is his birthday, and you haven't seen him in Months because they were on tour the whole time. You are so excited about it! You run to your closet to pick out a white tight Tank top that says "Irish Baby" on it with the Irish Flag in the back. You put on your sweat pants and tie your hair up in a messy but cute bun. After getting dressed you get a text message from the one and only.

To: YN

From: Niall

Subject: Hey babe

Hey babe the flight was cancelled due to weather conditions or something.. I'm Sorry but I'm going to be coming home late :( xx

You frown and Reply to him..

Re: Hey babe

To: Niall

aww Poo! Have a safe fight.. I love you! xoxo

He replies shortly after with a "I love you to" type of thing..

It's 12:43am and you still don't See Niall.. You already tried going back to sleep but I kills you to think. Where the hell is he? Can a flight really take that long? It's been hours since you last heard from him. You notice that you missed a text from someone.. A text from him! You pick up your phone and check your messages..

To: YN

From: Niall

Subject: Don't Worry!

Hey I will be coming home shortly! xx

You smile at the thought of him walking through the door with his cute smile on his face. You reply:

Re: Don't Worry!

To: Niall

Yay! that's great news! I'll See you soon! xoxo

You Press send and Throw our phone back on your bed. You walk over to your living room and wait there for him. About 30 minutes later you drifted off into a nice Dream. Niall Opens the door and shouts "Babe? Babe I Home!" He drops his backpack, and luggage.. You only shake at the sound of his voice. Niall Walks closer towards the living room. "YN?" He asks walking towards the couch. He smiles at you and takes a picture of you sleeping.(^_^) He Picks you up bridal style and Carries you to your room. He gently places you down and kisses your forehead. You open your eyes and say "Welcome Back" and Kissed him on the lips.

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