Imagine -Louis Tomlinson-

Rated T K+
Characters You and Louis


1. Roller Coaster

You and the Boys are at an amusement park and it's late in the day maybe around 6, or 7. Louis really wants to go an this super fast, blood pumping ride. With twists and turns, drops and more. "C'mon Y/N it's not that bad!" Louis says pulling your arm. You refuse to move and plant your feet to the ground. The other boys are sitting down taking a break from rides. "No! Lou, I told you I hate Rides!" you say trying to get your arm back. You and Louis have been dating for a while now, and he's been wanting to get you on this ride forever. He lets go of your arm and hugs you. "Please?" he says letting his vpice tickle your neck. You shiver at his touch and smile. You decide to go on. while your in line you think that the wait will either A get him annoyed with the wait and leave, or B, get you to not be so scared of it. but non of those options came. It was down to the 8 people in front of you guys. Once the 8 people got on you and Louis were right at the front of the line. "Finally!" Louis says holding your hand and looking at you. "after these people finish there round on the ride we'll get to be in the front row!" he says. you look at him and say "oh.. Right.." you say remembering that you'll be in the front. When the ride cart pulls up the man leads you and Louis to the front. The man checks that you are strapped in right. "Ready?" Louis asks. "no.." you say you laugh letting him know that you are. The ride starts with a slow jolt. At the drop you hold onto Louis but laughing and screaming with him. When the ride was over the two of you step out. "See that wasn't so bad." He says nudging your shoulder. "Yeah. I dodn't know why you were so hesitant on going on." you say laughing. The two of you Laugh and find the others.

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