Imagine -Zayn Malik-

Rated M for "adult" scenes
Charachters: You and Zayn Malik


1. Movie Fun

You and Zayn were lying on his bed cuddling while watching a scary movie. At the scary parts you duck your head into zayns chest. Sometimes you can tell he's scared to when you can feel his heartbeat through his chest. When the movie finished you to are still awake and bored. " so now what babe?" Zayn askes playing with your hair. " I don't know what do you want to do?" You ask looking up at him. The two of you look at each other for a while. Then you start to feel his hand run up your leg. You get a small idea of what he wants to do but you play low. You look back at him and you lean forward to kiss him passionately. He grabs the back of your head and pulls you closer to him. You moan as he bites lightly at your bottom lip. So you play back by running your hand over the bulge in his pants. He shifts quickly at the sudden touch but loosens shortly after. He runs his hand up and down your back and he keeps touching the back straps of your bra as a way of teasing. You've had enough with his games and pull at the hem of his shirt as a way of letting you know you want it off. He takes it off and continues to kiss you. After more foreplay he does the same to you and you take off your shirt revealing your black lace bra. "Fancy for just a movie night" he says giving you a smirk. You give him a glare and start to undo his pants. You see his black boxers and notice the bulge in them. "Well, well" you say gently stroking his erection. He takes your hands and pin them the headboard of the bed. You notice that you still have your pants on so you happily take them off. Zayn looks at you in awe he loves what he sees. " babe" he whispers in your ear. You moan at the sound of his voice. You managed to get one hand free and when you do you start to lightly move them up and down his hard erection. You feel his hand unclasp your bra and you feel it slide off your arms. Zayn takes one hand and massages one Brest as he sucks on the other. You take your hands and pull down his boxers to reveal his erection. Soon your panties come off as well. Zayn makes his way on top of you and ask for permission to proceed into your entrance. You nod your head and hold on to his arms as he pushes himself in. He stops when he's about midway in. So you can adjust to his size. You nod your head again so he continues. After rounds of moaning and pounding into each other zayn says " y/n I'm, I'm going to c-cum!" He says breathing hard. "M-me too!" You say. You came first then shortly after he did. As it ended zayn got the covers and places them over you and himself. "That was fun y/n" he says kissing your head. "Yeah, that sure was." You say falling asleep in his arms.

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