Love Is All You Need

What happens when Harry Styles' sister falls for their hot drummer? well for starters, Harry isnt to happy.... What could go wrong?


1. The Concert xx

  Annabella P.O.V.

It all started the night that I went to my brothers concert. He had gotten me front row tickets and backstage passes. although I didnt really need them, I could see them whenever I wanted. it was kinda cool being Harry's sister. I loved being able to travel and to see and do thimgs. I absuletly adored meeting new people!!! But this was the first time that I was going to be able to meet all of the members. Yes, i have met Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis and obivously Harry. But i was going to meet Andy, Lou and the crew! and most importamtly i was going to meet Josh Devine!!!! I have seen pictures of him before, but i have always wanted to meet him. i have always had a thing for josh. although i had never met him before. But what makes me the maddest is that harry would never approve. And normally i would value my big brothers opinion, but in this case i didnt want to. the only guy Harry approves of is Niall (and Liam, but he is happily in love with Danielle,) so Harry is allways on my case. He really wants me to be with Niall. Don't get me wrong, Niall is a teriffic guy, but he is just not for me.

"ANNABELLA!!! I have missed you so much!" my brother screamed across the backstage room.

   Sometimes he was a peice of work. I mean serously, we were hanging out before the sound check. he had started to ask me if i liked the concert, but i tuned out when i saw him. The tall, atrong armed drummer named Josh "DeFine". ;)   I guess he cought me looking at him, so i decided to try to be calm and walk up to him and introduce myself.

  Now you would probably think that being th sister of a popstar would teach you to be calm aroung famous people, but thats just not the case. i get really clumsy and jitery when im excited.

 "hello, i dont believe we have met." i managed to get out suprisingly smoothly.

"no, i dont believe we have. My name is josh. josh devine."

"hello josh. my name is annabella. annabella styles."

"so you are the famous 'bella' Harry always talks about"

 Great. he talks about me.

" well i guess i am"

"hah okay. well, i will se you around, okay?"

"alright, see you!"

 Theo conversation went pretty good if you ask me. i should probably get beck to harry. he ism most likley pretty mad.


 Josh's P.O.V.

  WOW. she was beautiful. i knew who she was, i mean who wouldnt? she was harry styles sister for one, and for two, she was just one of the most beautiful girls on earth. It was so hard to keep calm, she seemed so natural, so comfortable. i cant even remember the amount of times when  have had to walk away from someone beacuse they wouldnt stop screaming at me. That was one thing niall and i had in common, we couldnt stand the screaming fans. i hope i can see her again soon! i will try and aske her to see a movie or something. but how woould harry feel?


Harry's P.O.V

 How dare she. she just leaves in the middle of our conversation? rude. oh well. wait. she was talking to josh? OH HEX NO. he will just toy around with her heart. why cant she just see that niall and her would be perfect together? i will ahve to have a talk with josh later. this will not go any farther.


Nialls P.O.V.

  i hate how harry wants me to be with bella. she is beautiful and wonderfull, but just not my type. im looking for a shorter girl, with curly hair. and one with a good appitite. bella is tall with straght hair. she aparently didnt get the styles tradeark curly hair gene. and she barally ever eats. speaking of eating, im hungry.


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