Please tell me if you like these!Dont lie...<3:)Thanks so much for reading them:D


5. Zayn

Imagine that Zayn an you were best friends from the start but you didn't want to ruin the relationship by telling him u loved him in a dating type of way.One day he invites you to the movies and on the screen it says (You)Would you be my girlfriend?He looked at you with a smile and gave you a hug.You said yes right away not even needing to think about it.He grabed your hand and kissed your cheek softely.You finshed the whole movie holding hands tightely.After you got out you told him you have always wanted this and he said the same.He stopped you by kissing you on the lips and you kissed back.

You all wet back home and told the rest of the boys and they were all smiling.You and Zayn dted for 5 year before getting married at a beach.You moved in with him shortely after and you lived happy.With a kid othe way;)

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