Please tell me if you like these!Dont lie...<3:)Thanks so much for reading them:D



(Pick some numbers that you want me to do imagines with in the comments<3Pleaseee:)



1.Imagine being a brother of one of them?And how life was like after he had become famous.

2.Imagine getting ice cream with one of the boys?Would he ask you out?

3.Imagine being on a boat and you just found One Direction in your room?

4.Imagine getting home and having the worse day but one direction is sitting in your living room?

5.Imgine being best friends with all the boys.Except one of them really likes you and asks you out a really sweet way?

6.Imagine your wedding with one of the boys?

7.Imagine passing out then waking back up to the boys smiles?

8.Imagine that you had backstage passes and one of the boys sneaked you home.

9.Imagine getting pulled over but one of th boys being the cop?

10.Imagine it was Summer and one of the boys asked you to marry you in front of all their fans?

11.Imagine taking a long walk and getting to know everything about them?

12.Imagine getting loved by all the boys?

13.Imagine that you had their phone numbers?!

14.Imagine being at school and one direction comes into class and asks if they can speak with you.

15.Imagine that one of the boys call you during a test?

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