Please tell me if you like these!Dont lie...<3:)Thanks so much for reading them:D


2. On a Restraunt Date

Liam:He would take you to a fancy restraunt.He would order your favorite food and pay.You would hold up two spoons and tell him you were gunna get him,since he paided.After he tickeled you and you all went home.You would fall asleep an he would carry you like a baby into your room and lay you on your bed.He would jump in with you and cuddle with you until you both finally got to bed.

Niall:He would take you to Nandos and let you pick where you want to sit.He would tell you to pay the bills and u would hand him the amount.You all would keep passing it around until he finally let in and payed.You all would have your laughs and you would order his favorite food but eat it in front of him when he already ate all of his.He would get you a milkshake and drink it with you.

Louis:He would bring you to a playground.He would push you on the swing really high.He would say to jump of and he would catch you.So you would and he would catch you in his arms.He would stop at the end of the slide getting you stuck inside the slide.He would finally race you up to the pikic table and let you eat before he ate anything.He would eat after you.You all would tickel each other.You would run around and he would tell you tag.

Harry:He would bring you to his grandamas and help her cook while you sat there watching your favorite show.He would pretend he was the waitess and bring you your food.He would sit beside you and say diner is served.He would put romantic music on.After you all were done eating he would turn the lights off and scream like a little girl.He would ask you to dance in the dark..And so you would slow dance in the dark with romantic music playing.

Zayn:He would take you to his car and bring you food.You would listen to your favorite song on the radio and you would rock out with the windows down.He would hold your hand and drive at the same time.He would ask you if you needed anything and you would say yes.He would ask you what that was and you just say this.You would kiss him on the lips for a few moments and back away.

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