Please tell me if you like these!Dont lie...<3:)Thanks so much for reading them:D


3. Niall

Imagine that your at a park.Upset about just getting dumped for the most popular kid in school.You sit on the bench,and watch people run by.You of course cry the whole time u sat there and no one seemed to notice you.Just like always.Untill Niall came running by and looked your way.You had your hands up to your face cring.He came over to you and sat beside you.He asked what was wrong.You said nothing.He said "No really what's wrong beautiful?You decided to tell him the whole story.He almost cried at the thought of it.He took your hand and squeezed it tight.He picked you up wedding style and took you to a waterfall.You had a date there and some people asked if you waned their leftovers.So you took them and ate with Niall by the waterfall.

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