Please tell me if you like these!Dont lie...<3:)Thanks so much for reading them:D


4. Louis

Imagine that you walked outside to grab your mail seeing if you got your mail from your aunt.Which you didn't but u still had mail.U wondered who it was from,so u opened it and read it outloud inside your bedroom.


Well im Louis Tomlinson,You are a lucky winner;)You get some back stage passes and front row seats.You get to come with us everywhere we pretty much go that day.I hope you wanna come;)I'll see you there?

                                                                                                        Love you<3

You started fangirling and screamed super loud.Louis was of course your favorite.You wondered how it happened.

A few months past and it came that day.You went to their concert and did all the things they did.At the very end Louis told you that he liked you alot.He took you by the hand and asked you out.You said yes and you lived happily ever after!:D

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