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9. Long Niall Imagine

Imagine that you were going on a vacation to florida with all of your best friends.You all were indeed the biggest directioners alive.All of you had just about everything there was about one direction.There was just to much to be named.

"Drive faster!We only have a few minutes to go!"One of your friends screamed.

You of course they made you drive the whole way because that just napped the whole way there other then the last half hour or so.

"Im not getting pulled over for driving to fast!"You laughed at them.

"Its only like,a mile away,"You added.

You all drove the way with complete silence except for the breathing in and out.

"Here!"You said extremly excited.

"Finally,"Your other best friend said.

You all got out of the car and walked up into your summer beach home,that belong to your mom and dad.You all were a very rich family,that you had your own private beach house in Florida right on the beach.It was perfect.

"Lets go swimming!"You screamed running through the door after u had unlocked it with the big key.

You all went upstairs and changed quickly.You walked back downstairs and out the back door towards the beach.You saw a blonde haired boy sitting on the beach alone.

You wondered what he was doing there but relised that it was the beach and it didnt belong to just you.

"Hey!"You yellled runing through the hot blazing sand in your bathing suit.

It was so pretty you hadn't relised it before he has turned his head and told you something you didn't believe.

"You look amazing,"He smirked.

"Uh,Thank you,"You grinned.

"Why are you all alone out here?"You asked pioletly.

"Im not,the band  is over there,"He said pointing in the direction toward the left,"I just wanted to have some alone time."

"What do you mean by band?"You asked,pretending you didn't know who he was.

"One Direction?"He asked puzzled.

"Im just kidding Niall!"You laughed sitting down on the sand beside him.

"Ohh,I see how it is,"He replied with a evil smile.

He got up and picked you up into his arms carring you towards the water.

"Noo!"You screamed as he tickled you on the way toward the water.

You knew what he was going to do,but you couldn't stop laughing.You were one of the most tickelist person ever.You didn't really want to be throw in the water,but nothing was stopping Niall.

He walked farther into the ocean then threw you in the water.

You held your breath and swam towards the back of him.The water was pretty clear so you knew where you were going.

You came out of the water and touched him on the shoulder.

"Boo!"You laughed.

He laughed with you.

"Whats your name love?"He asked with those brilliant ocean blue eyes laying on your eyes.

".M..Y name is (y/n),"You jumbled out.

"Niall,"He laughed.

"I know,"You smiled before he touched your hand gently.

"Your diffrent you know,"He blushed.

"Your exactly what I expected,"You smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek.

He put his arms around your waist and you gently slided your hands on his neck.

"I love you,"You both said immdently."

He leaned in moving his hands up to your face and holding you there so closely toward his lips.

"Tease,"You said.

"Of course,"He smiled.

He finally moved in slowly toward your lips.He kissed gently and smoothly you never wanted it to end.

Niall,was always your favorite,and your dreams with him had just became real.

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