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8. Long imagine with all

Imagine that you were sitting in the front row seats at a one direction concert.You were dressed up in all One Direction like no joke.You had on a shirt that had their faces on it and you even had some pants with 1D running down the side.You had on your favorite shoes which was even more one direction.You had made a hat a few weeks or so ago that had alot of one direction things on it.Also you had the biggest poster there was.It had so many words they probley couldn't read all of it.You face painted your face 1D with all their faovrite colors.You knew it was going to be the best night of your life.The concert as just about to start before your phone starting to ring.It was a unknown number so u just pressed decline.The lights finally went down and out came the boys.

"Who's ready tonight!"Liam yelled through the mic.

"ME!"You screamed louder then ever.

All the boys heard you.You only knew that because they all looked over at you with their amazing smiles.Beautiful smiles indeed you thought.

"I Love You All!"You screamed holding your poster high.

As Louis was doing his solo Niall winked at you and blew a kiss over at you.You almost screamed even louder at the fact of him just blowing a kiss.You wish is was actually on the lips but it still was amazing.Then Harry looked over a you and flipped his hair.His Curly brown precious hair.He walked over to where you were and looked down at you.Everyone just screamed that were near you but you sat there staring into his eyes.You didn't think about what was around you.

"How about we have this beautiful girl up on stage,"Harry said not even breaking the stare.

You couldn't believe what he had just said but he pointed at you and pointed at the stage.You just followed his instructions.So you put your poster down speechless and went up on stage.Gladly the secrety didn't care and let you go up.You still were speechless of what had just happened.

You looked at all the boys straight in the eyes.

"You can you know move around and sing along,"Liam whispered toward you.

You looked at Harry who was doing his solo.He winked at you and you went on singing and walking around like you belong right there on the stage.Everyone screamed louder and said awwwwh.You walked toward Zayn which had been really quiet.You poked him making him tence up.You just smiled and told him it was okay.He smiled and laughed at you.Louis came to you and took you by the arm pulling you his way.You just let him pull you feeling his strong hand on your arm.You felt that your dreams had just came true.

"Louis!"You smiled as he handed you the mic so you could sing the main part of the song.The song was Live While Were Young.You sang with your amazing voice and just smiled so brightely and happily.

"You have a great voice,"Liam said to you after your part was over.

"Thanks,"You blushed.

They decided to keep you on stage as they all fell for you other then Zayn.He told you he wanted to be buds.You were totally fine with that.You were happier then pie.You felt a thing with each and every one of the boys.Harry was the one you always have loved tho.

"Whats your name?"Harry asked you.

"(y/n),"You said.

"Beautiful name,"Harry smirked.

Harry's solo came up next as he sang it you just let his voice over take your mind.After his solo he leaned over to you and spoke.

"I Love You,"He whisped.

"I love you to,"You whispered back.

All the boys looked your direction and Harry just looked at you in the eyes.

He leaned in and kissed your cheek softely.It sent sparks down your spine.You almost felt like you were going to pass out,but you didnt.

"Goodnight everyone!"Niall said in his amzing irsh voice before running off with Louis.After the concert was over.

"We love you all!"Liam spoke and ran off shortely behide Niall and Louis.

"Zayn just smiled and said VAS HAPPENING,And danced off stage.

The crowd went wild.

You and Harry were the only ones up on stage and you felt a billion eyes watching over you.

"(y/n)Will you be girlfriend?"Hary asked you getting on his knee in front of everyone in the room.

"SAY YES!"The crowd screamed.

You let a little tear stroll off your face before saying,"Yes Harry.


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