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6. Liam

Imagine that you were going to florida with your friends.Who weren't really into One Direction.You always tried to get them to like them but they wouldn't.You stopped halfway at a hotel and went to you room.You and your friends had to past alot of directioner fans.You and your riends wondered why they were there all ofa sudden but instead you just went to your room.You unpacked and fixed your hair really pretty.You and your friends put on their cutest outfit and walked bck out of the bumped into Liam while looking at your friends telling them to come on.Lim tells you he is very sorry for bumping into you but u just take the blame.You try your hardest not to fangirl because you really loved Liam.

"You look cute,"Liam told you.

You look cute,ran through your mind ove and over again.You almost freaked out but u controlled yourself.

"Thanks,you look pretty....Fine yourself,"You told him back.

"Whatever,you look better,"He replied.

'You might wanna get to your fans,"I sad pointing at the direction with my finger.

"You can come with us?It's the least i could do,"He asked.

"So where are we going?"One of your friends say.

"They can come to,"He said smiling.

You smiled back and told your friends what had happened.They agreed and almost freaked out.Even though they are more like directionators instead of directioners.You followed Liam down the stairs with the rest of the boys.Everyone kept asking who you were and Liamlet you explain most of the time.At the very last person,she asked the same question,but instead Liam replied and said that you two were dating.You smiled at him and he smiled back.He grabbed your hand from under the desk and showed the fan that you truely were.She laughed and said she's perfect for you and left.


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