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13. KryptoniteHazza's Imagine! #12


You sit in the middle of five sexy guys as you all watch a movie that you picked out. It's about one in the morning so most of them have their shirts off, and thrown in their rooms. You have been friends with these cute idiots for a while now, and they all seem to flirt with you. Usually Niall flirts with you when you cook and when you cook together. Louis flirts by joking around, a lot. Liam flirts by slowly pulling you into a 'hug' but you would say it's more of an embrace. Harry just comes right out and flirts. Then there's Zayn. He flirts in a mysterious way.

"Rilee," Niall says.

"Yes Nialler?" you ask.

"Can we go make some popcorn?" he asks.

"Uhm. Actually I was going to ask if she wanted to go take a walk," Liam says.

"Guys. She's my best friend. I have to tell her a joke!" Louis laughs.

"She's my Bae," Harry winks your way.

"Chill out guys. I really need to talk with her," Zayn slowly speaks.

This is what you have to live with every day, the arguing over you. Except Zayn usually stays quiet. You usually never pick who you have to hang out with, but this time you want to talk with Zayn.

"Sure Zayn," You say.

You both walk upstairs, and as you get out of site he pushes you up against a wall.

"Rilee. I love you," he whispers.

"What?" you question.

"I love you. I can't hold it in anymore."

"What?" you repeat.

"Please just.. Just tell me you feel the same way."

"I do love you Zayn. I do, but-" he interrupts you with a kiss.

"No buts this time," he tells you.

You both walk back downstairs, and Niall grabs you next. You head to the kitchen. You put the popcorn in the microwave and wait for his speech. Although, you just keep thinking about what happened with Zayn.

"You know Rilee," he starts as usual.

 "You've really popped my heart," he says.

You turn as you feel his hands on your waist. You and him now face each other.

"Like popcorn? I see what you did there," you smile.

"Yes. Like popcorn, but better," he kisses your cheek.

You blink, and a few moments later you bring the popcorn out to the other boys and Niall sits back down. You start thinking, why are they telling me this tonight? Liam jumps off the couch and leads the way outside.

"Yes?" you ask as you hit the sidewalk."

"I just wanted to walk. It was getting stuffy inside. You know I love fresh air," he smiles.

"Yeah," you reply.

"Actually-" he pauses," the real reason is that-" he pauses," are you cold?"

"A little," you reply as you turn the block.

"Here," he smiles as he pulls his jacket off. You gladly accept, because your glad someone just wants to be friends for once.

"I've kinda liked you for a while now," he mumbles.

"What?" you ask as you cant hear.

"I've kinda liked you for a while now," he says louder.

And there goes that friend thing already.

He stops walking and pulls you in for a giant hug as always. You hug back, because it's just to welcoming. He then leans in for a kiss. You don't really realize what's going on, but you lean in and the kiss goes gently. It's a struggle for you to stop, but you know it's the right thing to do. You all then decide that you should go back inside.

Again, someone else grabs you. This time it's Harry.

"Come on Bae," he smiles.

"Harry," you laugh.

He drags you downstairs to the basement.
"I know you think im all flirty and weird-" he says as he sits in a chair beside you.

"I don't think you're weird," you smile.

"Okay, but I just want to tell you that I'm sorry. I just can't help it when I like someone so much. I've never liked someone as much as you Rilee."

"Oh Harry," you mumble.

He then pulls your wrist lightly and his warm lips touch yours. You then start a little make-out session, as his kisses feel amazing. You both then decide to head back upstairs to the other boys, like you've down for four times now. Louis takes you right away, and brings you to his room.

"Would you like to play a little baseball?" he asks.

"Sure.." you slowly speak.

"Okay good, because I really want to take a swing for our love."

"Such a nice-" you get interrupted once again by Louis pulling you on top of him on the ground.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

"This," he smiles as he raises his head to kiss you.

You can feel the sweetness in his kiss, but he fastly pulls off and runs away. You sit up and pull your knees to your chest. Your blonde hair falls around your face, and you can spot your red streak. You then realize what has happened tonight. You've been kissed by five sexy guys, and you don't know who you love or who to choose. So you sit and think, but really.. Who do you pick?

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