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12. Ivy's Imagine! c: #14

Imagine: You were in your 4th period class, playing around with your brown curly hair. 4th period was always the stupidest class. All your class ever did was listen to the teacher complain about her ex husband. The class was suppose to be Science, but no it's more of a complaining class. In your point of view at least. You had been staring at your crush, who sat in front you. Luckily. The annoucer clicked on, and the vice principle started to speak, but you didn't listen until you heard the name Harry.


"Styles?" You questioned yourself.


You sat there for what seemed like forever, until Harry walked in. Yes Harry Styles.


"I'm sorry for interupting the class-" Harry started, but before he could he got surrounded by all the girls in the class.


You wasn't one of them though. You had known not to do that. You were the one who knew that he would hate it.


"Class take a seat!" The teacher yelled.


The class slowly came back to their seats.


You had been looking at Harry, as he looked at everyone else but you. Was you invisble or something?


"You!" Harry pointed to you.


"Your Ivy right?" He asked you.


"Y-y-yes," You spitted out.


"Can I talk with you?" He asked.


"Sure," You smiled.


You got up from your seat and walked toward the door, where he was standing, and walked out of the door with him.


"Your the real thing aren't you?" You asked as he closed the door.


"I sure am. You have really pretty eyes you know," He stated as you walked slowly down the hall.


"Did he just say that?" You asked yourself mentally.


"Oh. Well thanks!" You thanked him.


"No problem. Oh and your probably wondering what I needed to talk to you about. Eh?" He asked.


"A little bit," You replied.


"Well. I decided to go into some schools to give out tickets for out next tour, but then I saw you."


"Haha! You would, and what do you mean by you saw me?" You asked.


"Well. Like. That's just what I told the boys, so that they would let me."


"How did you know my name then?" You asked.


"Your hoodie has your name on it.." He laughed.


"Oh yeah! I feel so stupid now," You faked a frown.


"Your defiantly not stupid. That class you were just in seems like a honors class."


"Yeah. It is," You smiled.


"Thanks though for getting me out of that class."


"No problem."


"Oh and here. Since I did do this too," He said as he gave you a few tickets to a Little Mix concert. (Your other favorite band)


"Omg! Your kidding right?" You smiled.


"Wait. So you freak out over getting tickets, although you didn't freak out by seeing me? Talking to me?" He asked confused.


"I know you hate that stuff though."


"True," He stated.


"I better let you get off to class," He added.


"Wait. Would you like to go to the concert with me?" You asked him.


"Defiantly," He smiled.


You looked at him, and he looked at you. It was kind of hard to believe it was him. Maybe he wanted to hug you. Maybe, no. Yes. No!


"Your so different," He said as he hugged you goodbye.


"Yeah. I am," You said.


"Don't forget about me. I'll see you as soon as I can," He said before smashing his lips to yours.


"I won't," You said to him as you walked back into class.


"I won't ever," You repeated as you shut the door.





*I hope you liked it! Sorry for not doing this eariler<3!

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