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11. Imagine with Louis and -The Boys-

Imagine-Imagine that you were on X-Factor and you were in the final 2.One Direction was there to perform and you had loved them from the very beginning, but didn't tell anyone.

"Go (Y/N),"Liam said as you sang your last song before you got to know who was number one.

"I love you!"Harry screamed.

"I'll give you my number after this!"Niall screamed.

"Your beautiful!"Zayn yelled.

"Your butt is bigger then mine,"Louis gasped loudly.

The whole crowd was laughing, and you were still singing your solo. After you finshed and the other person finshed they were about to anonnce the winner, and you hoped it was you.

"You got this," someone from the crowd said.

You smiled to yourself as they said the name of the person.

"And the winner is (Y/N)!!"The anonncers screamed into the mic.

You started bursting out with tears and you couldn't believe what you had just heard. You thought I really won.

The boys jumbled on the stage, and ran up to you. They each took turns kissing you. Zayn kissed your hand. Niall kissed you cheeks. Liam kissed your forehead. Harry kissed you lips. Then Louis cae up and kissed your lips while touching your butt.

"Nice,"He whispered then backed away.

"Omg!"The crowd screamed.

You smiled to yourself and rn off stage grabbing all the boys with you.

"You guys!"You screamed once you were backstage.

"We got our whole familys and friends to vote for you,"They laughed smiling.

You kissed each of them on the cheek until you came to Louis.

"Revenge,"You giggled and smacked his butt.

"I touched the butt,"You winked then walkd away leaving them clueless.

After awhile you gave them your phone numbers, and walked away being a popstar.

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