Please tell me if you like these!Dont lie...<3:)Thanks so much for reading them:D


7. Harry

Imagine that your twin sister dates Harry.You have had a crush on him since you all first met,but no one knew except you.You got really upset about them two dating and you finally told you sister.She told you that she didn't care.You ran up to your room and balled your eys out.Someone knocks on your door and yu tell them to go away.They open the door anyways and you see Harry there.He looks at you and comes and sits by yu on the bed.He asks you whats wrong?And you tell him the truth about liking him.He kisses your hand softely and tells you that he has to.You ask him about your sister and him and he just says it wasn't real.We both planned on fake dating to get you to like him.He even says that she has another boyfriend that you never knew about.He asks you on a date.You say yes and you go on a date with him.You both start dating and after awhil you get marry an have twins.Girl/boy.

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